Sunday, August 2, 2009


tensor v2 will be up by tomo at 12..its like we have started a tradition in our coll.. the series of online treasure hunts tht we conduct surely doesnt have a lot of players.. but i can say tht it surely has a whole bunch of fans who dedicatedly play d game.. everytyme the expectation seems to be increasin.. well humans can neva be satisfied.. we r tryin our best to set the ques to your expectations.. the main prob is tht it has to be tuf as well as interestin.. its a hard thing.. am in a weird situation as usual.. feel like we have attained saturation.. ran outta ideas 4 settin ques.. but i've got new ideas to improve the game.. the worst part is am in ma final year.. already too busy.. tryin to squeeze sum tyme into dis.. will try ma best to conduct atleast 1 more b4 i leave coll.. although it would have been better if the fantastic four would not hav bcum the ossum trio.. free..

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soin said...

free.. when i we took so much time to frame questions last time and people just finished them off simple by guessing or something without even realising the beauty of the question.. it really felt bad man.and am in a really lazy mode right now.if we have a next round of tensor i promise that the fantastic four will be