Friday, June 19, 2009

truth doesnt matter..

tellin the truth really doesnt matter in this country any more.. am badly stuck up with this passport issue.. they jus have been makin me roam around shastri bhavan 4 2 weeks.. n the reason 4 this is tht i told the truth.. if i had jus put 12th std in the qualification column of the passport form(pple who put 12th std here got the passport within 10 days).. none of this would have happened.. since i put student NIT raipur.. i had to give away a bonafide certificate, hostel proof, an extra police verification n lotz of ma tyme.. the worst part is not all this.. suppose u have a prob in ur passport.. u obviously have to go n enquire.. this jus means u have to stand in a queue which is abt 100m long to go n ask a guy wat to do who will tell u the procedure of wat has to be done.. wen u get everythin done u again hav to start from scratch(stand in the same q..).. n i forgot 2 mention tht this is jus the enquiry.. after d 100m q is over.. u would hav to go to the 2nd floor to meet the DPO(deputy passport officer).. dont worry guys.. this tyme to meet the dpo.. its jus a 50m q.. coz theres no space..
got jus 2 points to make..
1. dont eva apply 4 a passport.. we always hav gud ol india..
2. in case u plan 2 apply.. see point 1..

ol memories..

went to d place where i did ma early skoolin.. am tellin lik 6th std.. ashok nagar.. coundnt even identify d streets tht i used to roam around.. the whole place has changed.. frnds changed.. atleast am happy abt d fact tht am not the only 1 sufferin from memory loss.. at times it was an awkward situation coz u r visitin sum1 after lik 9 years.. its hard 2 imagine wat kinda person they r rite nw.. n wat dey r xpectin from me..
got a lotta gud memories.. the 5 rs wheel chips packet tht i used 2 buy secretly (coz ma dad hates the "unhygienic" preparation).. saravana bhavan.. venki boli stall.. me walkin thro the flooded
streets of ashok nagar durin rainy season.. competin in skool for a stupid star badge..
neways alls well tht ends well.. thanks da maya for awakenin the lost memories.. thoogind irundha singatha thatti ezhupita..
although felt a bit depressed wen i found out tht d place/house where i used to live was gone.. free..

Monday, June 15, 2009

the sorting hat

yesterday i went to ma grandpa's death ceremony or wat u call shardam.. even though i dont believe in god.. i believe tht the dead must be respected n stuff.. so i woke up early.. put on a new punal to replace the lost punal..went to triplicane.. saw ma dad doin the rituals.. ate n came off.. the whole tyme.. ma mom n every1 except ma dadwere givin me a lecture on existence of god.. ma mom always says sumthin like.. "in this lyfe u were born as a brahmin.. dunno y god put u here.. but since he has done tht.. be a brahmin.. maybe in ur next lyfe u wont be 4 ur thots n deeds.."
since i cant giv a lecture n convince her.. i do the usual of bein silent..

i wanted 2 add a lil thot to wat ma mom says.. lets suppose god exists.. n since he created the world n everythin.. i feel he even created the caste system or made the humans to create it.. nw the god's job is like the "sorting hat" in hp.. he had a lot of religions.. castes.. subcastes.. in his hand.. n he puts pple there.. nw the point is y did he put me in the brahmin grp.. well maybe he thot tht i'll be best suited here.. the argument of next lyfe is totally ridiculous n am not gonna talk abt it..

neways i feel a lot of straight fwd pple around me r like this.. they believe in god.. but they dont believe in idol worship coz if u say god is everywhere den y do we have temples.. dunno hw to finish dis.. if u say god is faith.. then i believe in faith.. n i dont wanna give faith a fancy name..

P.S : maybe we can call faith as the transpose of god which is dog.. i think i mixed up the whole thing.. free..

nail in the head..

most pple perceive nail bitin as a dirty habit.. dunno y.. lets assume tht its is a dirty habit.. then y do cricket commentators use the phrase " a nail bitin finish".. they obviously want us to bite our nails if the match is interestin or comes to a nervous situation.. i bite ma nails weneva sumthin is very interestin or very borin.. lemme propose a situation.. am sittin in a class where a jovial thot provokin lecturer(ma iit coachin class lecturers way bck in 12th) is teachin a topic.. i find it interestin coz he has asked a question tht questions ur creativity.. so i bite ma nails ponderin ova the answer.. another situation where ma coll lecturer is teachin sumthin.. its xtremely borin.. half the class is probably sleepin whereas i bite ma nails to show him tht the class is borin.. but since he is an idiot he doesnt seem 2 understand me.. n plus the lecturer shd obviously be smart enuf to find out y the student is bitin his nails.. so its better to keep ur hands in ur mouth rather than ur hands let free coz who knows wat kind of signs they may give.. 3:16..

P.S: dis post has been dedicated 2 nikhil thomas..

Saturday, June 13, 2009

REAlly MADrid...

this is the 3rd place am puttin tht headline after orkut n facebook.. well real madrid faced the most humiliatin defeat at the hands of barca.. n they r jus not sittin quiet.. they already got kaka.. n now ronaldo 4 80m.. the deal is eventually to happen coz.. its a lot of money n plus manu have accepted it.. they r jus tryin to match evry player of barca with theirs.. kaka 4 iniesta.. ronaldo 4 messi.. la liga is surely gonna fire up next season.. this obviously comes to 1 question.. who will tey be playin in midfield.. surely ronaldo, robben on the wings.. the central midfield is jus too crowded.. kaka is sure.. n theres sneijder, higuain, guti, van der vaart,diarra etc.. am pretty confused.. free..

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Even though am a hardcore music lover i dont have any source of music to listen to.. which pushes me to the next obvious thing.. television.. for those who dont know yet.. theres a new news channel 4 all chennaites.. its ndtv-hindu.. those with the dish n tata wont be knowin dis.. the channel seems to be offerin a variety of shows.. one of those was a show named "feedin frenzy".. well it informs u abt all the koolest cheapest costliest eatin joints all around chennai.. they showed a restraurant named "mash" on the besie beach road.. i didnt know abt it.. it was started by a group of engineers who have all flunked in engg.. so they started it since they were vetti.. their menu had some very kool named dishes.. chicken n two smokin eggs(sumthin like this.. the point is tht the name has been copied from lock stock n two smokin barrels), attipattu kaatu etc.. finally they showed some dish.. it goes like this.. the waiter comes with a big bowl of icecream fruits n nuts.. he pours rum over it n lights it.. its all burnin.. man.. u shd have seen it.. it was beeeee.. wait 4 it.. utiful.. shd go to tht place m try it once..


this seems to be floodin the news.. pple r constantly naggin abt the "racial" attaaacks on indians in aus.. then i saw 1 crazy shit on times now i think.. this was the headline.. "bollywood going to boycott australia".. it seems tht bollywood is not goin to australia for shootin purposes..
its jus 1 question i ask.. where was this bollywood wen the sri lankan- tamil issue was goin on??
condemn wat has happened to northies n be silent to wat so ever is happenin to the southies.. as russell peters puts it.."trust me.. no one can be as racist as indians are".. this was jus a justification of wat russell said coz am a fan.. this cropped the worst thot in me.. i should probably be stabbed for tellin this.. is it wrong to imagine north india n south india as 2 separate countries.. ma point is wats wrong in puttin a physical border to suit with the mental barrier thts

P.S= go ahead kill me..

netless bloggin..

first of all its a tuf job to think of a title to every post.. well here i am after 2 weeks on a stranded village.. first i was havin all the tyme but no internet in korba.. now am havin the net.. jus not the tyme.. am like a totally stuffed burger kept in a nuclear reactor ready to explode.. thts the iit talkin.. rite nw doin a course at iitm.. n its damn hectic.. 9 to 6.. neva been like dis even in skool or coll.. thank god(if he exists) i didnt get into iit.. nw i know the pain of every iitian.. all of dem r nuts managin all these.. dunno y i put so much load upon maself.. the best part is we get to sit in the ac for 8 hrs.. although tht could be a pain in the arse sumtimes.. i look upon maself doin a job in the future by jus sittin in 1 place.. wat a i was wonderin if there was any way to blog without the net.. since thts not possible.. i've decided sumthin.. i will be cummin online once in every 3 days only.. wen i do cum online i will write posts for all the 3 days..if dis is against the blogger terminology lemme know.. free..