Wednesday, August 26, 2009

a tear..

there was a beautiful quote in bharathi's blog about crying..
"one shd cry without any ego coz then only he's a man"

this induced a flashback in ma mind.. i thought about the instances tht i cried.. interestingly.. i could recall only one instance..

first lemme define crying.. its basically an emotional feeling which crawls in due to the emotional attachment towards your loved ones(parents,siblings,friends,lover..n i'll include relatives jus 4 name sake)..pple cry for almost anythin.. pain sufferin misery disappointment unhappiness etc.. somehow i feel pple shd not cry for all those mentioned above.. whose life is full of joy?? shouldnt there be any obstacles in the path of life?? we should be strong and overcome the obstacles.. if u cry for all these u r jus full of shite.. crying shd a rare emotion.. not a common sight.. if its so common then there's nothin to talk abt it..

the following are the instances wen tears shed from ma eyes:
1. the times wen i had cold.. well its jus the tear gland there... no emotion..
2.way back in 1st.. was a moment of fear actually.. saw a herd of buffaloes running towards me wen i was in some village in dharmapuri,tamilnadu..
3.a lil back in 6th standard wen i was caught copying from a girl.. it was a hindi test.. man i suck at hindi..(dont eva copy from a girl.. failing in the exam is a better option)
4. now for the instance which i call cry.. it happened in the 2nd year.. u'll probably wonder y i cried here.. i wonder maself.. i cried while talkin on the phone to ma dad.. a discussion which involved high expectations from ma side,an unnecessary hype,a overthrust of responsiblities on ma shoulders.. complex discussion.. am not gonna detail..

i always felt crying makes u weak.. since i cried scarcely i would like to make a statement tht am a stubborn guy.. considering the fact tht i didnt cry wen leavin 4 raipur.. my mom n sis cried endlessly at the chennai station.. i even noticed a few drops comin outta ma dad's eyes wen he left raipur.. ma mom complains tht i need to be a lil more emotional.. so shd i change??

P.S: only 1 person saw me crying.. n the probability of tht person seein this is almost negligeble.. i unofficially said it to all ma fellow bloggers.. so me officially crying is still nil.. jus for the record..


soin said...

you know the only time i cried since fifth standard was when i lost my team the match.two nil up.i came on as a sub in central def.. a hand ball.a worst marking..and a own header.and we lost..what a worst feeling..
and why would you cry over the responsebilities placed on you??i guess when you have that and a hunger to enjoy life it becomes interesting and you tend to enjoy the smallest of joys so well.
sory for the big

HaRy!! said...

we always have the feeling that crying is a girly thing to do and most of the men refrain from doing so..well i feel the same, though the last i remember crying outta no control was when on my farewell day! hmm i guess a tear or two shud not be bad! sometimes likewise we dont look senti enuf ....kalakitingooo...nice write!hope to cyu around..tak care

H a R y

SiMbA tAgO said...

i dont agree to the fact that crying is girlish..but neither do i say u cry for every samll things... but at times bursting ur emotions as tears is a good reduces tha pain in now.... and its nothing like if u cry ur girly and stuffs... it's utterly idiotic.... and yeah i accept to ur parents' say that u need to be a bit more emotional... its good to be stubborn...but with a blend of emotions it helps better.... and wt's wrong if u feel better by shedding some tears.. and yeah i big thing...some losses and some moments are only helped by tears....

VISHNU said...

@soin.. as i told it was along discussion.. dunno y i even cried..

@hary n hari..
girls do a lot of crying.. so we have associated crying with girls.. guys have all sorts of emotions.. but the only thing is we hide them.. jus our way to show tht we r kool..

vaishu said...

Not much on the crying part... It wouldn't hurt for a guy to show a lil bit of emotion though... anyways... Just wanted to mention something of interest... I copied during my Hindi exam too... But way before you did during my 4th :P And didn't get cot too :) :P

Vishnu said...

thts wat.. guys hide their emotions..
looks like u r a better