Saturday, December 19, 2009

boozy booze booze.. hardy harr harr..

Its been very long.. time flew.. now am back to being vetti.. got a lot of stories and experiences to share..
to start with, lemme tell u that i got placed in CTS.. something expected to happen.. am digressing.. more on the placement later.. a week back, i was damn busy.. i had my last 2 exams.. i had to teach mama for all his arrears.. and important of all i had to help raghu(best friend,ex- roomie and architecture student) with his model.. i had to make his whole site plan while he is in charge of the building.. of course, he was the main authority who explained me what i had to do.. sundar was kind enough to help a bit coz he was also making another model.. the model turned out to be great.. much better than our expectations.. this was a tough one coz it was a hilly slope.. i'll upload the photos later.. the archi guys were very pleased that their models were completed in time..  so they offered a booze party.. we gladly accepted coz we're not stupid to let down a good offer.. the menu being..

1 DSP black (a blend of whisky and scotch)
1 smirnoff green apple flavoured vodka (TIP: never mix this with lemony lemon sprite)
1 haywards 5000 beer (for the beer lover sundar)
of course 3 packs of cigarettes (1 black, 1 classic, 1 flake.. see there is black in everything..)
2 bottles of sprite
2 packs of kurkure
2 packs of haldirams aloo bhujia

now there were totally 8 guys.. the archi guys kindled their creativity yet again and made the environment dimmer.. it was a computer monitor lit party.. one shd speculate that the above mentioned items are quantitatively less for professionals.. one archi guy had no mood.. one was flat after 2 pegs of vodka.. other said he drank in the afternoon and was in no mood.. raghu said that he was fed up with drinkin.. so he had only 2 pegs.. ela stuck onto the fact that he didnt have anything for dinner n so he too lessened himself.. he had 5 pegs i think.. the other archi guy had 6 pegs i think.. urs truly drinks.. but is not that much into it..  so only 4 pegs..(see.. very less).. everyone was in their conscience except the great sundar.. he drank the whole bottle of beer.. 3 pegs of vodka.. 6 pegs of black.. the point to be noted is that everything was consumed in raw form.. no ADULTeration.. thats it.. he found the stairway to heaven.. a few more pegs.. he would have even touched the lotus feet of god.. initially he was dancing to the songs that were being played.. tired he sat down.. started to tell philosophies(read: blog posts for the author).. pretending myself to be a sith lord.. i say..
"Learn to know the Dark Side of the Force.. coz only then u can truly realise urself and ur potential"
lemme tell u abt the booze law..
"Only booze can make one go high for a sufficiently long time so that one starts to think out of the box "
a corollary might be
"Alcohol gives you wisdom which you thought never existed in you"
This owes to the simple fact that u lose ur mind for the time being.. u tend to be open-minded.. i feel this state is everyone's true nature..

Most of the alcohol talks would be about girls, how fucked up their life is or about their field of study(eg. engineering).. but we are a different branch in the same crooked tree.. we talk about philosophy and analyse people's character in the weirdest ways possible.. sundar started off by advicing that we shouldnt forget our parents after we start earning.. ela got bored and escaped.. the remaining me and raghu are natural good listeners.. so he talked and we listened.. raghu was totally steady.. whereas i was a bit shaky.. i still cant remember topic shifts.. from parents it went to western culture.. dunno how.. then indian culture.. would u believe if i tell u that the real blog post starts now only..

so.. he put forth the question.. do u think whether the parenting practices followed in western culture are justified.. letting children choose their own choices creating a barrier in the parent- child relationship.. he was supporter of indian culture.. his argument was immature(shall i say) considering the fact that he is still not married(lol) and his poor knowledge about parenting practices in the western culture.. am not taking any side.. every culture has its own pros and cons.. whats ur say in this..

this is running like a mega serial.. am stopping this..

P.S: Booze yet again tomo.. cmon i got a job.. bring on the heavy artillery..
P.P.S: finally am goin home.. i can hear chennai screaming "come to papa"

Thursday, December 3, 2009

SOIN: just not SO IN

I open my blogger to read all ur posts.. and i noticed soin had posted something.. i just opened it in a new tab and waited for all my tabs to open.. when i was reading the first post.. i happen to notice something.. it was not the usual "Post not found" sign..  the sign was a bit awkward.. It read "blog not found".. so i thought blogger is playing tricks with me again.. and so i refreshed the page.. the same thing again.. finding it a little hard to digest, i closed the tab and typed the address in a new tab.. same thing again.. it was then that i realised the idiot had done it for real.. these were the same words that were running through my mind..


these are for the brain that generated the thought to delete the blog..


these are for obeying the brain's commands..

If i had known that he was gonna do this.. i would have thrown lyrics such as these at him..

"So precious, yet surreal
 Blog's a onetime deal
With a delicious dark appeal
And a non-religious kind of zeal"

but a helpless me was sleeping.. that which has happened cannot be undone.. atleast am happy that he kept a backup of it.. hopefully he'll start another one..

so i'll finish this by telling a story which i think he has not said in his blog..

Has anyone wondered how he got the name soin?? Its an interesting story.. i pity myself for remembering it partially.. now his name is vishvak saen.. i think in 8th.. they had a new maths teacher who was a malayali.. when she took the attendance for the first time, she pronounced his name as vishvak soin.. all his friends liked this catchy name so much that he was addressed by this name only.. an incident to prove that his friends dont even remember his real name happened in 11th standard i think.. one of his friends called to his home.. his mom had picked up the phone.. the friend had asked for soin.. his mom's obvious reply was "there is no soin in this house".. the friend tried hard to remember his name and stammered like hell.. his mom cut the call thinking that it was a wrong number..
i just got 1 word to say after all this.. freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......

P.S: I think he is bound to kill me for keeping this mokka title..
P.P.S: as sridhar put it.. and he was finally beaten by a girl..
P.P.P.S: and we're off to nagpur for the CAT..

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

kitty krushes.. kitty krashes..

U were acting like the dog in tom & jerry
always trying to catch tom as if u had a krush on tom
but what happens when there is no tom
it all comes krashing down like a house of cards..

This has been the headline for the past 3 days.. CAT server crashes rescheduling the dates of many students..
My facebook status read "Am a sadist coz i was happy wen i found out CAT server had crashed".. 4 people liked this.. so all those who went to write the exam and came back not writing it have every right to be pissed off.. as usual we jus have to put the blame on some1.. r u gonna put the blame on IIMs?? wat abt prometric who are responsible for conducting the test?? did u think abt blaming urself?? 
now lets justify.. IIMs have no role in this.. they decided its gonna be an online test and gave it to the prometric, a server crash happens.. its like a random process.. u cant predict when its gonna happen and also cannot find out y it is happening.. but it happens perfectly at the wrong time.. how many times have we witnessed gmail crashing, blogger crashing.. twitter going bizarrrrk.. and the no donut for u sign.. we do complain at times like those too but not like this.. y is this so important.. coz its life threatening.. now a report said that "the CAT going online has seen a considerable decrease in the number of applicants"
since  this is gonna be the first time CAT is being held online.. the applicants shd hav speculated that things might go wrong.. so to be on the safe side, they should not have chosen the starting dates.. 
but they didnt.. i have a hunch that most of the people who scheduled the starting dates are preparing for CAT for the past 2 years.. hence they will be known as schemers.. everything should go according to their plan.. they planned to give the cat as soon as possible and get over with it.. their failure to notice an imbalance in the system is the root cause for all their misery.. and so even though they are schemers.. they arent jus good in it.. and the house of cards comes crashing down.. and finally they complain about the system.. 
since i dont wanna say the 2 words.. i pity u and recite the following lullaby so that u can have a nice sleep..

“Soft kitty, warm kitty
little ball of fur,
happy kitty, sleepy kitty
purr purr purr”

P.S: My CAT is on dec 3.. n what am i doing?? am analysing fellow cat aspirants.. kya baat hai sirji..

P.P.S:the reason for the crash..[link]