Friday, August 14, 2009

projector of ma reflections..

today a miracle(i too believe..) happened.. we had the very first n proper class in which powerpoint slides were demonstrated using a proper projector by a proper professor.. this is the first tyme it had happened in 3 years of fuckin n boring engineering.. and they call ma coll an NIT, a deemed university..huh..

i am a lazy ass.. i need some kinda motivation or inspiration to kick start me.. ma IIT coaching class profs were great pple.. i still ponder over how did prof.santhanum,the chemistry prof make the most boring mole concept theory interesting.. n am also ponderin over the fact how ma department profs are convertin a very interestin electronics into somnolent lectures.. somehow i never got any inspiration from the big guys or top notches.. i feel u dont need abdul kalam to inspire u.. luk at pple around u..
jus got a new inspiration.. acharya sir.. hes not a geek.. hes friendly n makes u involve in the subject.. i jus got this instantaneous crush on cryptography.. jus hopin tht i will do some justice to the subject..

here's a snap..



Kaka said...

kuchi cipher....

VISHNU said...

y not.. i obviously wont be keepin it vishnu cipher..

Vipul Grover said...

hey visnhu thts d story of evry engg. professor.
bt yeah one thing, its true teachers at tutions make d subject vry intrsting bt its d money tht plays the most importnt role. The tution teachers r more of businessmen, so hav 2 package their prodct in best way 2 attract more studnts year aftr year..
on the othr hand, engg. college teachers r not givn enough motivation(in trms of both money nd growth potential) by the govt. Still thr r sum in this field who r able 2 self motivate.

VISHNU said...

its seriously worth the money then.. n this is not any engg coll.. its an NIT.. the so called second series of best engg colleges in india after the iits..thts wat pissin me..

luks like a lot ran in ur mind to comment..

Vipul Grover said...

Hey Vishnu.. I might hav made my self sounding like fighting d case of engg college teachers. thts far frm it buddy.. evn i've beared thm for 4 years (I prefrd 2 rmain outside d class nd indulge in extra-currics rathr thn sit thru their lifeless lectures) :)
Its just tht I really resent the over- commercialisation of education by coaching institutes.

P.S. nd yeah, I only cmmnt wn thrs a lot running thru my mind ;)
Nd i hop ur query about India Today got cleared.. tht was amusing:)

Following u.. keep reflecting. Good night 4 now!