Sunday, August 30, 2009

match day

liverpool match:
1.alex curran must have felt the competition..coz there is one guy more closer to gerrard now

2.plz shut up - 4 all those who say glen wasnt worth the money

3.kyrgiakos - still cant say him as a disaster

4.even am gettin a bit sick of the words.. "its steven gerrard"..still thala is thala..
5.insua-the future n reina the best of the top 4 keepers..

manu - arsenal match:
1. arshavin- u shd seriously like him for his attitude.. n what a strike.. even though he embarassed liverpool last tyme.. i still like him a lot..
2. almunia is trash wen u compare him with the best.. but wen keepers like van der sar clinch goalkeeper awards u can let him stay..
3.diabolical diaby - day dreaming..
4. rooney is takin penalties.. so plz dont add all of tht in his goal tally..
5. am confused.. i thot rooney's best position was central midfield.. but nw for the bravery he has shown am considering central defence..
6. sent off for kickin a bottle?? n arsene u shdnt lurk around in enemy's lair coz u know u wont get any respect..
7.fletcher is the guy savin manu's ass dis tyme..

1. gattuso.. tht was not a captain's job tht u did today..
2. embarrasment.. massacre..
3. will the real pirlo stand up??
4.wat a fuckin long range from stankovic.. freakin ossum..

real madrid match:
1.couldnt watch it.. wtf were espn doin??

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Amar Mehta said...

Its steven gerrard many times will he save liverpool ....awesome guy ....amazin skill