Sunday, August 2, 2009

happy friendship day..

it jus sickens me.. why do we even have such days.. friendship day, mother's day, father's day.... to remember them n honour them.. isnt tht sumthin tht we shd b doin daily.. jus bcoz the world tells u doesnt mean u have to follow it..there shd be sum purpose behind everythin.. i tried googling it.. found a site called its freakin yuuuck.. its filled with hearts n roses.. hearts is ok.. but roses?? dis isnt valentine..n valentines day is jus pathetic.. neway the couples r roamin together all the tyme.. then y the spl day.. if its gonna be a spl day 4 proposin or sum kinda of superstition tht ur love will be a success if u propose on tht day.. then fuck it.. atleast gandhi jayanthi independence day republic day all have reasons..these days shdnt exist too.. but lukin at the remembrance of gandhian principles, our rights.. its definitely needed.. atleast we get a holiday.. if u r gonna celebrate friendship day.. atleast let it be a holiday.. wats the point wen u dont even hav tyme to spend with ur frnds.. wats the purpose pple.. enlighten me..


Pawan Singh said...

American and Europeans are just hypocrites nothing else...they dont care about their Dad and to fill that lapse they celebrate Father's day so that atleast the youth speak to their dad , similarly they they celebrate Mother's day, Brother's day and most famous Valentine day, these things doesnt need a special date to elbrate they are part of our life
and we all celebrate it and feel proud ....thats also is a nonsense shown by us
Love and warmth never needs a specific date in a calendar to express them

VISHNU said...

@pawan..very true..