Monday, August 31, 2009

engineers rule

out of 5 new blogs i see, 4 turns out be the blogs of engineers or pple who were engineers.. i started bloggin so tht i can get to know the experiences of pple in different professions.. thts not happenin.. y shd i read abt fellow pple's hell wen am experiencin hell maself..this leaves me in an awkward position.. whether to criticise engineers for ruling the internet or to be proud being an engineer maself.. of course am proud.. no doubt abt it.. then y r very few non-engineers on the net.. thts bcoz they dont find time..

this makes me to write the following QUALITIES to prove tht u r an engineer:
1. u shd be damn jobless.. free almost all the time
2. u shd hav come intelligent n passed out as an idiot
3. u shd be highly insensitive..shdnt care abt anythin
4. u shd feel tht u hav attended more classes than last sem but still ur attendance shd be less than 50%
5. u shd hav the total e-book collection.. u shd sit in front of ur system 24*7 n still shdnt hav read a single word from it..

i think i'll reserve the rest wen i pass out of engineering.. make an "ENGINEER CODE"  jus like the "BRO CODE" as a tribute to the 4 great years..


workhard said...

That is some analysis buddy....

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VISHNU said...

thts jus the rigorous analysis.. detailed later..

vaishu said...

Cooool, and very true.. I see engineers most of the time too... :( Not much of a variety there... but hey, there is the variety in the posts, experiences, way of seeing stuff in life :)