Saturday, August 29, 2009

the patriotic nerve

2 days back i applied for the airforce.. since i'll be graduating from the so called engineering n i jus informed ma dad way back tht i'll be applying.. today wen he had called i told him tht i applied for the short service commission.. he enquired abt it.. so on goes the following discussion:

 patriotic me: the short service is jus for 6 years i think..
worrying dad: 6 years(with a sigh)..tht long.. wat abt the pay they r givin..
pm: u r workin 4 the country.. u dont expect a fancy salary.. but i think it shd be sufficient.. n plus hw am i supposed to know nw itself..
wd: but you'll be 28 by then.. wat abt marriage and settling in life..
pm: cmon dad.. dont talk abt tht nw itself.. n u r supposed to be selfless wen u r doin a job like tht..
wd: atleast u'll get pension n the respect..
pm: sigh..

P.S: u shd be noting the point tht i have only applied n not even hav been selected in the first written round..

P.P.S: if u ever come after the infinite loop.. then there r 2 things tht hav irritated me over the past few days..
1. wiki links on blog posts..
2. word verification on the comments..


soin said...

fuck yeah.. those wiki links and word verification.. and my dad was sort of happy when i said am applying.. he felt it would be good life..that sort of convinced me not to

VISHNU said...


IcE MaiDeN said...

fellow enginner eh? :) nice!

SiMbA tAgO said...

strange but yeah my dad was okay eith it... mom stood against it..but in vain....paavam amma.... but i like serving the nation...but not this fat...

VISHNU said...

@ice maiden.. yup..
@simba tago.. fat wont come in the way..