Saturday, October 8, 2011

IndiBlogger Chennai meet

After July 2010, it was April 2011 and after that Now. I really thought people joked when they said "Enjoy until you can sonny". I used to wonder why can't one enjoy when he/she is working. Is it that hard to have a personal life going on in parallel as well? I mean the kinda personal life you want.

I've realized a few things in the past one year. Striking the balance is always the problem. And when the control shifts, there are always sacrifices. And you, my crappy blog were also a necessary sacrifice.

I do notice the fellow bloggers i used to follow have been regular. I also noticed that Blogger itself has changed. I also also noticed the mail about the IndiBlogger meet at Chennai and so i registered.

I was of the illusion that being an ex-blogger, i am gonna be a sitting duck in that meetup. But after seeing the attendees list, it won't be a waste of my time after all.

Now lets see some faces.
1. Vipul grover - The marshal. Eager to meet sirji.
2. Shankar Ganapathy - Machan!!
3. Shyam H N - I dont even follow your blog. But i know you.
4. Ratz - I followed your blog and your tweets. But i dont know whether i would be able to spot you.

Anyone else reading this attending? Do drop in a comment.