Friday, August 14, 2009

rosa sinensis..

its not a rosa sinensis.. its an arnottianus.. if u r a biology student u shd probably be knowin wat am talkin about.. below r 2 images of the white hibiscus thts growin in our house.. after some wikiing found out tht the botanical name of the white hibiscus is arnottianus.. i came to know tht its found only in hawaii and is one of the endangered species.. also its used in medicines.. who knows it may cure the swine flu.. after all this info i was pretty sure tht am wrong.. then went to the main page of hibiscus in wiki where names of around 100 species were given..whoosh.. dont have the patience to check all to find out its real name.. neways, am namin ma hibiscus arnottianus.. cool name.. sounds more like a war hero..

P.S: beautiful flower bad photography.. accepted..

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