Monday, August 17, 2009


all the pple who watched it gave a bad review n all the papers were givin a good review.. mixed up.. we finally decided to go n watch the movie anyway.. so we got up early in the mornin at about 10.30(c'mon its sunday) n went to book the tickets assuming 2 things..
1. we'll easily get a ticket..
2. the show is at 11.30...

atleast one of them turned out to be right.. we got the ticket easily but the show was at 12.15.. nothin much to do, we spent the tyme hangin hazily around a tea shop havin tea, samosas n LMNs..
finally went inside.. grabbed our seats n popcorn..
now the review..
1. a sureshot watch of atleast a single tyme..
2. a total copy of the guy ritchie movie "lock stock and 2 smokin barrels".. only thing is its the indian version..
3. shahid kapoor has done some proper acting for the first tyme..
4.priyanka chopra (c'mon)
5. the link up, story n screenplay were good..
6. all the characterisations were good..

P.S: if u r watchin kaminey.. u surely shdnt miss lock stock..

1.there's a shahid kapoor character who says "fa" for "sa".. so 1 genuine doubt.. suppose the dialogue has the word 'suck'.. so acc to his character he should say 'fuck'.. hw is the audience supposed to know whether hes sayin suck or fuck??
2. the racing horse symbolism is jus too much of a thot.. hope pple understand it..

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