Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the most embarrasing day of every year

got up at 12 to see hari unusually with a namam.. realised it was aavani avittam today.. called ma mom to find out tht aavani avittam 4 rig veda is tomo.. hari neway has the new punal.. so would not hav to go anywhere to put a new punal or even buy a new punal.. for the past 3 years, this day surely makes me laugh out loud.. it puts us all in a very embarassin situation.. its questions our basic knowledge abt being a brahman.. before coll it was rather insultin..u would hav to get up at say 3.30 for attendin the first batch.. take bath n take all the necessary items.. u'll obviously go with ur dad to change ur punal to some mutt where hundreds of pple r waitin 4 the very thing u also wanna do.. then somehow enter n find a nice n comfi place to sit.. all of dis never really gave me a spiritual feelin.. it was jus rather disgustin..
i thot i was the only 1 who doesnt give a damn.. but luks like am havin quite a big company..
i wonder hw the future generation would be??
whether i believe in god itself or not.. i believe in gayatri mantra.. coz i perceive it as a form of meditation..

ma mom tries very hard to change me n ma dad.. well hes clever n gave up long back..
am jus tryin not to hurt other's beliefs..
coz to be yourself is all tht u can do..

"nail in ma head
from ma creator
u gave me life
nw show me how to live.."

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