Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Life in a Bucket

Hello my tiny little dump of frustration. Its been a while. Sane and Insane things have happened. And this is yet another insane thing.

They say that your life flashes in a few seconds the moment you know that you are going to die. I've always wondered whether this compression in the Time dimension was possible or not. Mathematically, one can't convert many years into a few seconds you see. After a particular insane incident, i realized that it was practically viable although theoretically incorrect. The life flashing happens only in the circumstantial situation of facing death. Now, when one is absolutely not involved in suicide or any other accident for that matter, can this Life flashing occur? Well, it happened again and this time while i took a closer look at a non-living object.


The above pic is the bucket in my bathroom. The letters CK which are in red caught my eye. Being a Liverpool fan, the first time i hated the red coloration. For a guy who is poor on acronyms, it is very ironical that he noticed this.

BU - The last 2 letters of the project that am currently working on.
CK - The place where i reside currently in kolkata - Near CK market in Salt lake city.
ET - Thats the wretched branch in my Engineering - Electronics and Telecommunication.

And thats how ladies and gentlemen, how one's life flashes on seeing a Non-living object. A real death like experience from a bucket!!

P.S: Why should me of all persons go for a bath on a holiday?
P.P.S: You are free to share your special non-living thing. If it happens to be a D**DO, i would give them a special gift. Whether the D**DO is a non-living thing or a living thing is entirely out of scope.