Thursday, July 30, 2009

friendship - gateway n getaway 4 love..

the koncept of friendship with girls really pisses me off.. wen it comes to girls there can only be 2 relationships..
1. girlfriend/lover
2. acquaintance like ur classmate,skoolmate,coll mate etc..

the first one is obvious.. u see a girl.. hav an infactuation.. u try to "know her better".. so u ask her out 4 a date.. this can go on 4 maybe a month.. u shd hav by now realised whether shes the one 4 u or not.. if she is den propose or else ignore.. i feel this is the way it shd be..

but this is wat seems to be happenin.. pple involve a mighty word known as friendship.. it starts like "can we be friends?"..the gateway.. n they talk n talk n talk for maybe 2 years.. finally he/she decides to propose.. if its been accepted.. then well n gud.. in the case of rejection this seems to be evergreen dialogue.."we were such good frnds.. we mite as well stay tht way"..the getaway.. the disappointment will keep on lingerin in our hearts..
here.. this "knowin better" thingy seems to be takin a looooooong tyme.. hav we lost the ability to judge some1.. no.. its jus we're playin safe or atleast tryin to play safe.. make ur decision fast.. there can only be 2 options..
accept or reject..
the reject can again show 2 different reactions:
1. i told wat i felt.. shes jus unlucky..(being sporty)
2. fuck off bitch..(nw we're talkin)

in simple words.. vandha mazhai pona m*****........ freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....

Saturday, July 25, 2009


no liverpool fan would stand to see even a player who played at liverpool to play 4 manchester united.. how r we gonna see a liverpool legend in a red shirt.. seein tht red color can even make u blind.. they r the red devils u know.. pple may aska question y i didnt write dis post wen manu signed owen.. i thot dis was sum great master plan of owen to go to united n not play at all or not score goals in the matches he plays(if any).. but now the news is out.. 2 goals in 3 friendly matches.. full fitness.. sir alex ferguson xpectin 15 goals.. enna koduma saravanan.. atleast happy to see gerrard scorin..

make some noise..

thts the meanin of his name.. russell means to make noise.. hes the greatest standup comedian alive.. happened to see 1 of his old ndtv interviews today n utube.. this is wat he told.. totally his opinion..

"I dont seem to like bollywood movies.. there seems to be no real tyme actin.. if u luk gud enuf.. u can enter bollywood.. but lets face it.. where would i be without bollywood.. whom will i make fun of?? bollywood is jus a bunch of good lookin pple.. in dis case i like the tamil movies better "

am not gonna say wat he said after dis.. if u r so curious give a search india questions russell in utube..

which side of the coin is he anyway??

research work..

i dont seem to be doin nythin 4 the project which am supposed to be doin this year.. but am continuin ma research on music.. knew aol music is there.. but yesterday only came to know abt aol radio.. they had a great collection of songs.. 2 particular stations- rock blocks n hard rock suited ma style very much.. especially rock blocks.. they featured 3 songs of rock's biggest names.. there was 1 band which i found out yesterday who were good n i havent even heard their name.. the band was shinedown.. i liked thier 3 songs.. then wikied n utubed den.. did a lil research.. worth ma tyme.. it seems tht.. as wiki put it "All of their ten singles released to date have climbed into the Top 5 of the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, making them the first band to accomplish the feat."

but seriously.. still not able to understand death metal.. free..

Thursday, July 23, 2009


wen it comes to a situation..
where u have a good friend in 1 hand n a figure in another..
which will u choose??

i chose the frnd..
am i normal here??
coz it totally contradicts the el classico statment in tamil..

"figurenu vandha frnda cut panrava daan da true frnd"

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

pudu veedu

nalla veetkku veetkku vasapadi venum.. n no vasapadi n shelves in our new house..finally somehow got settled.. cleaned the whole house.. but was a bit mad wen all tht efforts tht we had put to clean the house were destroyed in an instant.. gettin a lil bit pissed off with owners.. poor after sales service.. maybe all owners r like tht.. free.. neways a new house.. a new beginning n a new experience..

chinna chinna aasai..

dis tyme in chennai.. me n hari roamed around chennai in search of a pool/snooker club.. find out tht there were 2 near ma area.. wen we went dere we found out tht they had shut down months ago.. a bit depressed to know tht there r very few pool clubs in chennai.. or shall i say cheap pool clubs.. it seems tht there is 1 in nungambakkam n 1 in arumbakkam.. dunno who the hell plays pool in arumbakkam.. so 1 chinna aasai.. wen i start earnin i would like to start 1 club exclusively 4 pool,snooker,tabletennis n carrom in chennai.. if its successful.. den spread.. hope ma gang would help me on dis..

A lot can happen over coffee..

no.. dis post is not abt ccd.. so here goes the story.. this tyme in chennai was a bit weird.. all i did was visit ma relatives which is very unusual.. neways.. ma mother's side dis tyme.. dis is an excerpt or rather the interestin part from a very long boring lecture on spiritualism n management studies from one of ma uncles..
its like dis..

every hindu shd have heard dis sloka atleast once n all others too would have heard it.. the sloka is "shuklam bharadharum vishnum shashivarnam shaturbhujam prassana varanam dhyaye sarva vignova shanthahe".. rite nw i came 2 know tht this is from the vishnu sahasranamam.. i heard the most craziest explanation 4 dis sloka.. its history tyme.. long bck.. 1 of ma gr8 gr8 gr8 dunno how many gr8 grand dad had visited one of his relatives' house.. there a woman gave coffee as the usual welcome.. b4 takin the coffee ma gr8 grand dad recited the above sloka n den took the coffee.. the woman being puzzled enquired about the necessity of recitin the sloka nw.. the followin was ma grand dad's reply..

" shuklam means white which is milk
bharadar is brown which represents the coffee powder
vishnu is black which represents chicory
shashivarnam means sweet which represents sugar
on shaturbujam or mixing all these bcum the beautiful coffee..
wen we drink this coffee we get a smile on our face or prassana varanam..
n only after every1 has had their coffee there is peace or sarva vignova shantahe.. shanti means peace.."

i was left speechless.. the very day went to ma mom n the followin conversation happened..

me: mom.. how many times do u recite the vishnu sahasranamam everyday??
mom: not even once.. i recite it on special days only..
me: well.. u would have to be recitin it 5 times a day coz u drink coffee 5 times a day..

it seems tht adults really cant survive without coffee.. n they call us addicts.. addiction to cigarettes n alcohol is atleast acceptable.. but addiction 2 music n movies.. plz.. gimme a break..

the hierarchy..

i always felt tht i followed the proper hierarchy wen it comes to music.. many pple i find around me dont tend to like english songs.. it mite be tht they havent tried it out yet or they didnt follow the proper hierarchy.. i call the below to be the genre hierarchy.. this worked 4 me..
blues>pop>rap>soft rock>alternative rock>hard rock>classic rock/grunge>metal>rap metal>death metal

i'll give the examples of bands tht i listened to..
blues- backstreet boys,westlife,n'sync,mltr,boyzone,enrique,ricky martin
rap-eminem,50 cent,akon,2 pac,fort minor, flipsyde
soft rock-bryan adams,3 doors down,coldplay
alternative rock-linkin park,u2,maroon 5,green day,evanescence
hardrock-nickelback,creed,poets of the fall,foo fighters,system of a down
classic rock/grunge-metallica,iron maiden,guns n roses,nirvana,aerosmith,led zeppelin
rap metal-rage against the machine,audioslave
death metal- i maself am discoverin more of dis..
forgive me if i have got the genres wrong...

n i dont seriously understand the pple who start listenin straight away to classic rock n death metal.. u guys shd be nuts..


am gonna form one of those SMS fwds rite nw..
a hard rock music fan receives lectures about michael jackson from pple who started listenin to his songs after his death..

its a saturday nite..its been 2 days since mj died.. any news channel u turn on would obviously be showin his life history.. it so happened tht i went to ma cousin's place with ma dad n sis 4 a nite stay..if u r wonderin which cousin dis mite be.. den lemme clear ur doubts.. this is the very cousin who works in sony,who has an ossum sony home theatre n who gifted me the kool oc tee-shirt.. he came from work.. it seems tht hes been listenin to a particular mj dvd which he got recently almost all the tyme.. he turned on the dvd player.. the first song was BAD.. the effects were too gethu.. n nw started the discussion.. 4 each n every song ma dad would tell sumthin abt mj.. ma cousin's mom would say her opinion.. ma cousin would intervene too.. i was silent n tht was the biggest mistake i made.. so they all started pourin their info on me.. as if i didnt know.. the worst part as always was.. many a times they all were tellin the wrong info.. me in dis awkward position remained silent n giggled 2 maself.. thank goodness mj is not alive to hear all dis..


here goes ma obituary to mj.. i know its a bit late.. but neways his ceremony was also done a week late.. so no probs i guess.. am not gonna talk the usual.. started listenin to mj way back from 6th std i think.. he n the bsb's were the very first english songs i listened to.. unusually none of the music channels telecasted the video of smooth criminal on the nite he died.. or shd i say i didnt watch the vid of smooth criminal on tht day..thts ma fav song.. if ma memory is rite i think nakul had his mail id as it took me 2 years to know tht the lyrics in smooth criminal were "annie, r u ok?".. at tht tyme used to blabber the lyrics like nythin.. now i feel if i had written the lyrics tht i blabbered.. i would now have ma very own song.. neways.. hes a true legend.. theres no doubt in it.. jus wished it would have been better if he had lived the lyfe of a rip mj..

D-flip flop..

Yesterday,ma mind was made 2 recall the fact tht D in D-flip flop stands 4 delay.. thanks to ma new so called actin HOD.. so dis post is to inform all tht the followin 5 posts tht i will be publishin shd have cum 2 weeks bck.. the delay has been caused due to the fact tht am too lazy to go to a net centre n blog wen i was in chennai.. ma apologies.. not being a typecast here.. had a plan to write 3 posts only.. am gonna try to post 5