Saturday, August 15, 2009

happy independence day..

wats the use of tellin it to everybody.. we dont even use our fundamental rights fruitfully.. wats the point of gaining freedom neway.. did we act the countless times wen injustice surfaced just before ur eyes.. even our failure to act is a sign of throwin our freedom in the garbage.. atleast we use our right to speech to the utmost extent.. talk about the profit the communication companies r makin.. thts wat indians do.. we talk n nothin more than tht..

enough of serious talk.. the independence day reminds me of sumthin.. once upon a time wen inox was opened in raipur.. the gang decided to go n watch a movie..after we arrived there, it was a tuf choice to decide which movie to go to.. there were great movies like marigold being showcasin.. eventually we decided to go for gandhi,my father.. there were around 20 pple in the theatre outta which the gang itself had 10 members..every1 was so pissed off coz no1 was in a mood 4 a patriotic real life story.. so as proper coll students we shouted like hell n stopped screamin until the theatre guys came n requested.. i felt tht it was a good movie.. but jus the wrong tyme.. eventually the movie flunked.. here's a tip 4 the film producers.. launch the patriotic movies during republic or independence days or gandhi jayanthi.. coz thts wen patriotism enters the nerves of the pple n comes risin up like a volcano..

P.S: if any of u(other than the gang) recall abt a movie called marigold.. ping me..

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