Monday, July 12, 2010

Making fun of pune

Its been a very very long time.. blogger blocked at office.. no net at home and am on the roam always.. no time.. although i blog at cognizant's blogs which u guys cant view i guess.. so i'll be posting whatever i post there here too.. lets start with some humor i say..

Disclaimer: The below post is targeted at an open minded audience.. It has been rated by the blogging censor board as U/A with more emphasis on the A.. Its totally upto the readers’s discretion now..

A true chennaite guy working in pune mostly tries to make fun of either the people or the culture.. This time he happens to notice all the hoardings and funny names on the way from hinjewadi to warje on the mumbai-pune national highway.. sitting on any window seat on the right side of the bus, one could note the following in the very same order.. most of them are adverts for constructions and speciality homes or the names of restaurants.. here it goes..

1. Honey’s Punjabi Spice Hotel /* an oxymoronic hotel.. how can there be honey and spice in a punjabi hotel?? looks like the owner is a kashmiri who makes good kashmiri pulavs..

2. Now get a window seat for all -eisha /* consider a bus.. how can everyone get a window seat.. rather consider an auto.. there are only 2 window seats.. these advertisers are fooling people to the core i say..

3. Apostrophe homes /* i just hope that they dont make catastrophical homes..

4. Some pleasures are personal /* ya right.. if i could ask the advertiser who got this tagline jus 1 question i would ask.. “would u care to elaborate??”.. a tagline can be abstract but definitely not this abstract which can lead to a lot of ambiguities.. just notice the “some”.. i dunno whether i should elaborate..

5. Add spice to your flavour /*no comments

6. Why go out when there is a sport inside? /* do they intend to mean the “instrument” when they say sport inside.. which implies they prefer the m-word over the s-word.. and yet again they are trying to convert us into couch-potatoes..

7. Live with natural airconditioning /* i say “get out the house and go for a walk”

8. After the Royal duties, u deserve some kingly leisure /* what royal duties?? what kind of leisure is kingly??

9. Punjab Exotica /* excooz mee puleese.. erotica?? Do punjabis want us to make fun of them?? Or are they really that stupid..

10.VITS - Guest Best Rest /* Ah.. Next..

11. The best: SAI ERECTORS.. /* Russell peters style “so i go inside the office and ask ‘hey buddy, i gotta problem err.. down here.. i heard u guys are the best in the business.. so could u like umm.. erect it’ and those would be the last words i would ever say in that office..”

P.S: The comments have been added by the author’s alter ego.. so just make sure you read them before the author finds out..