Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the way we want it..

it was 4 in the mornin.. we were busy moderating 4 tensor.. there were a lot of as soin puts it"raipur mosquitoes".. which were ruinin our sleeps 4 the past 4 days.. but eventually i tried to sleep with ma headphones on.. hari had put one of those inscentsticks or sambranis in a hope to drive away the mosquitoes to the next room.. it worked partially..
pple say tht often starin at sumthin 4 quite a tyme puts u to sleep.. so i was searchin 4 the object which i'll be starin at.. wen i decided tht it would be the inscentstick.. the very moment "show me how to live" by audioslave started to ring ma ears.. n it so happened tht the inscentstick was a perfect visualisation of the song.. the visualisation was more like the "x marks the spot"visualisation in windows media player.. i was amazed.. maybe its small things like these tht may spark a good idea.. for majority of the song.. it was a perfect match.. but for the next few songs.. it didnt suit at all..
is it ma perception or wat we perceive it to be??
in most cases its the way we want it to be..
then is it y many pple toss coins to make a big decision??
they toss it not to see wat luck has decided 4 them.. rather they toss to see wat they really long for?? the few secs for which the coin is in the air r crucial..
maybe thts the reason sum pple toss a coin really hard so tht they have a lil bit xtra tyme to decide..

maybe thts y harvey dent tosses a coin which is biased towards himself.. he choses wat he wishes for..


soin said...

why do u put russel in all your tags..

VISHNU said...

@SOIN.. coz russell means to make noise.. this is ma noise..