Thursday, November 26, 2009

Endless sacrifice

How come 
We dont even talk no more
And you dont even call no more
We rarely keep in touch at all

And i dont even feel the same way 
that it used to be anymore
After all the years we've been down

After all the things we've been through

This aint no how
This bullshit can't be true
We family aint a damn thing changed, unless it's you!

P.S: U shd recognise the first few lines.. if u dont then u can credit me with that..

P.P.S: This poem will make sense who have felt when a close friend aint closer no more..

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

And justice for all

Today.. an unusual incident happened.. since our cook failed us yet again.. we had to go out for dinner.. so only 5 pple from the gang finally decided to go to vinayak udupi since thats the only bearable south indian restaurant in raipur and since we are getting really really home sick.. jus cant wait for all these exams to get over.. so, the restaurant has 2 big rooms (nothin fancy).. one for self service and the other air conditioned.. since the self service was a bit crowded.. we decided to go for AC.. we entered to find only 1 couple occupying one of the 5 tables present.. they were seated near the door while we went to the far end of the room.. the point of telling this is we could see their faces from all of the seating options available.. now about the couple.. they are ISO 9001:2009 certified unmarried.. i do can say that their ages shd hav been between 25-27.. way older than us.. now am tellin all this just after 2 glances(no closer looks).. the first glance was while entering the room.. let it be a little suspense abt the second glance.. we entered anyway.. as any college gang should be, i think i can accept the fact that we were a teeny weeny bit noisy.. then the thing that should not happen happened.. 

The couple got up from their seats.. shifted to the opposite seats of the same table where we could not see them.. or atleast their faces.. we got totally pissed off.. suddenly one of us(not me) said..
"WTF.. wat indecency did we show.. get up u idiots" (translated to english by the author.. u dont wanna hear the tamil version.. trust me)

We got up from there and left the AC (btw did i say that the AC was not working) room and went to the self service section.. while going away from that room.. we all gave an angry stare (no..not the pathetic stare from yesterday's how i met your mother episode) towards the couple since now they were facing us..

hence, i put forth a question.. Are the couple justified in doing that?? and was our reply enough or do u still think it lacks the force.. please justify yourself..

before u start to comment.. lemme tell u some facts about a gang of boys.. do keep them in mind while u r commenting..
1. A single girl/ a group of girls anywhere - do i need to say yes.. of course bird watching..
2. A couple belonging to the same age sitting anywhere jus talking - maybe yes.. just a curious look to check out the girl..
3. A couple of a little higher age jus talking.- i dont think so.. we always have a lot of options u see..
4. Any unmarried couple doing everything else other than talking - as i said.. curiousity always killed the cat.. its a killing machine does killing in the name of good..

Its a guy's fault too (in cases 2, 3 & 4).. y does he hav to get pissed off when a total stranger is looking at his girl.. wat could he possibly do.. come into their life and take his girl away from him?? nonsense.. even he would have done bird watching.. relationships,love,sex all start with bird watching.. bird watching is no offence.. the worst part is when they try to tell that we are the indecent ones through their amateur attempts.. looks like we would have to spread the message of pissing them off..

P.S: we ate happily after that..and justice was served(thanks to the justice league).. looks like we set a record for eating a family dosa in less than 1 and a half minutes.. 

P.P.S: this post is totally abt bird watching.. so please dont throw any shit on protection in the society, rapism blah blah..

Monday, November 16, 2009

Eccentricity, smoking, philosophy & grace - Eccentricity

Its like this.. I was born to 2 south indian brahmins who got arrangedly married.. one is from the tirunelveli district and the other from the dharmapuri district in tamilnadu.. but am a true chennaite u see.. born and brought up in chennai.. when u hear someone saying brahmin from tamilnadu.. the following 2 words will automatically click in your mind- Iyers and Iyengars.. the former are the shiva devotees while the latter are my followers(not blog followers).. but i dont belong to either.. am a madhwa.. its actually very hard to explain who a madhwa is..  i can see some "i know" faces.. here it goes.. madhwas are kannada/ marathi speaking brahmins who worship vishnu and his avatars.. they are similar to the iyengars but different.. nw as many might not know, my mother tongue is marathi.. when i came here to raipur, none of the maharashtrians in my college(its an NIT) could understand my marathi.. one sensible fellow said that my marathi was a very true form of marathi used only in literature.. not in speaking.. (all u maharashtrians have polluted ur language).. only then did i get the urge to call up my dad and ask the obvious question "how come our mother tongue is marathi.. none of my friends can understand it".. he was dumbstruck and gave the answer "my mom and dad taught me that only.. i taught u the same.. i think we are the remnants of the royal family of shahjahan".. then it led to a series of unanswered questions.. then i did the obvious.. googled it..
these are the exact lines from wiki..
"Madhwas (or Madhvas) is the name given to a community of Brahmin caste of India, whose members follow the doctrine of Dvaita or Dualism as codified by Acharya Madhwa.
Madhwas are Vaishnavites (Vaishnavism). Kannada is the mother tongue of majority of members of this community today in India. They live mainly in Karnataka and a significant number live in Tamil NaduMaharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. The influx of Madhwas into Tamil Nadu is thought to have happened during and after the Maratha conquest of Thanjavur."

Even wiki doesnt mention anything abt marathi.. but it surely cleared something.. now y the hell did the marathas invade thanjavur.. leaving that aside.. since even my mom and dad knew only the speaking part.. i too knew that only.. i cant read or write marathi.. so marathi was totally restricted to home.. a lot of my school friends thought i was a tamil iyengar.. i was having a lot of interest in the language tamil.. somehow i feel its more poetic than english and hindi.. u can manipulate the language in many ways.. the language is indeed special with its rich literature.. my dad is highly fluent in tamil.. he had this perfectly inspiring tamil teacher prototype in his schooling.. i envy him for that.. but i hate him for 1 thing which he enforced upon me.. knowing so much about the tamil language, he forced me to take HINDI as my second language in school.. he even denied me to switch to tamil when i was in 6th.. he always said that he had a "hunch" that i would be going to north india.. His hunch became true.. but still hate hate hate.. and thus i know to read write and speak both tamil and hindi..
Reverting back to the madhwas, since they too are brahmins.. implies no meat and only vegetarian.. and so i thought egg wouldn't be a problem.. and thus, me in 8th standard (only then did i get the courage) ate an omelette from a roadside shop and happily went home after school.. yours truly being so proud for doing such a brave thing told this to his mom.. i got frightened after seeing my mom's reaction.. she caught me by the ear and pulled me to the bathroom directly.. made me wait for 5 mins.. went somewhere and got some big leaves (dunno which plant) and some mustard.. told me that i had to keep the leaves on my shoulders with the mustard over the leaves.. and then pour water over my head until the leaves fall down.. this is some kinda tradition to be done after a sinful act.. that was the day i decided "i will live my life breaking each and every damn rule in the book.. break the rules was my policy".. due to the high dedication i had towards my policy.. i feel proud to say that i have eaten chicken and fish.. since am not a natural canine.. i feel it a bit hard with the bones.. boneless works fine..
thus my eccentricity is born..

P.S: the tiltle has been shamelessly edited from the foo fighters album "echoes, silence, patience & grace"
P.P.S: if any of u know any good looking madhwa girl.. feel free to hook her up with me..

Friday, November 6, 2009

mokka mohan

got these 2 as mail.. so jus sharing.. this is all i can do with my hectic schedule.. do promise to come back and complete the unfinished posts.. for the time being, hav a good laugh people..


Scenario 1
Two guys are fighting and a third guy comes along, then a fourth and
they start arguing about who's right. You are in Kolkata

Scenario 2
Two guys are fighting and a third guy comes along, sees them and walks
on. That's Mumbai

Scenario 3
Two guys are fighting and a third guy comes along & tries to make
peace. The first two get together & beat him up. That's Delhi

Scenario 4
Two guys are fighting. A crowd gathers to watch. A guy comes along and
quietly opens a chai-stall. That's Ahmedabad.

Scenario 5
Two guys are fighting and a third guy comes he writes a software
program to stop the fight. But the fight doesn't stop b'cos of a bug
in the program. That's Bangalore

Scenario 6
Two guys are fighting. A crowd gathers to watch. A guy comes along and
quietly says that "AMMA" doesn't like all this nonsense. Peace comes
in. That's Chennai.

Scenario 7
Two guys are fighting. Both of them take time out and call their
friends on mobile. Now 50 guys are fighting. You are DEFINITELY IN


This was the title.. " People with weak heart don’t see….plzzzzz :(((" when i see titles like these.. i directly delete the mail.. but my mouse wasnt obeying my commands.. the mail opened.. and i was surprised not to see any brutal images.. but instead saw this..


Monday, November 2, 2009

Gone with the wind part-1

my blogger timeline is somewhat similar to the indian trains.. its running a little late.. jus 1 week.. we regret for the inconvenience caused..
I went to nashik last week for my IAF exam(EKT).. the IAF were kind enough to change my centre from nagpur to nashik.. 5 eager people decided not to go since nashik was far away and u wont be getting a confirmed ticket on the outrageously stupid howrah-mumbai route.. 2 of them were uncertain and so wen urs truly decided to take the risk, they joined in.. so the journey started with 2 quite unknown acquaintances from raipur.. since all this was decided 2 days before the exam, u could expect the kind of train journey that is supposed to happen.. i'll reserve that for part-2.. the train reached on time unexpectedly at 3.30am ruining a poor man's sleep.. the cold did its job of completely waking us up.. we had to go to the air base at ojhar village.. 35 kms from the station.. the directions in the hall ticket were clear.. we had to take a bus to the central bus stand and then another bus to ojhar.. for once i had suggested to eat something and start.. but they wouldnt listen.. so we went to the central bus stand on a bus which was at 3.45.. so early.. not a shop open at the CBS.. no tea even.. obviously i had backup and went for plan -B.. while they dont adhere to the backup i happily enjoyed the cold weather.. this next bus came at 4.30 and it was a special one that am gonna dedicate the following short story to it..

"tickets in his pocket.. all set for the 28 km drive to the village.. a bus in which the driver had his own cabin.. his earphones plugged.. it was a deserted national highway.. no vehicles from the opposite direction.. no high beam headlights..the bus was a one man army plunged into darkness.. suddenly the bus went into stealth mode.. a strange coincidence that a particular song started playing on his mobile.. for once, he thought "fear of the dark" from iron maiden was not the situation song.. his legs shook,heart trembled, ear drums vibrated.. is it the song?? is it the cold?? it was the darkness.. he learned to fly in a sitting posture"

we reached so early that all we could see was pple jogging even in the cold weather.. helplessly in hunger, we sat there till 7am..

A few snaps..

at the station..

the CBS @ 4..

the driver's cabin..


am on a high pple coz am a drug addict..

the gentleman is back.. note the formals ur honour(i changed u know)

P.S: it seems that i've been writin so many part-1s and not writin part-2s.. will try to post them as soon as i can..
P.P.S: it also seems that i've been writing very long posts highly contrary to my usual writing style.. please bear with me as am preparing for my semester exams..