Thursday, July 30, 2009

friendship - gateway n getaway 4 love..

the koncept of friendship with girls really pisses me off.. wen it comes to girls there can only be 2 relationships..
1. girlfriend/lover
2. acquaintance like ur classmate,skoolmate,coll mate etc..

the first one is obvious.. u see a girl.. hav an infactuation.. u try to "know her better".. so u ask her out 4 a date.. this can go on 4 maybe a month.. u shd hav by now realised whether shes the one 4 u or not.. if she is den propose or else ignore.. i feel this is the way it shd be..

but this is wat seems to be happenin.. pple involve a mighty word known as friendship.. it starts like "can we be friends?"..the gateway.. n they talk n talk n talk for maybe 2 years.. finally he/she decides to propose.. if its been accepted.. then well n gud.. in the case of rejection this seems to be evergreen dialogue.."we were such good frnds.. we mite as well stay tht way"..the getaway.. the disappointment will keep on lingerin in our hearts..
here.. this "knowin better" thingy seems to be takin a looooooong tyme.. hav we lost the ability to judge some1.. no.. its jus we're playin safe or atleast tryin to play safe.. make ur decision fast.. there can only be 2 options..
accept or reject..
the reject can again show 2 different reactions:
1. i told wat i felt.. shes jus unlucky..(being sporty)
2. fuck off bitch..(nw we're talkin)

in simple words.. vandha mazhai pona m*****........ freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....


soin said...

u got rejected??? and yeah i also prefer this way.. suri dog worst totally opposite..

Amar Mehta said...

Kuchi naai .....what feelings and all da ? N luk who is talking about girls ? A person who doesnt even speak to any girl ....N remember love is simple but an extremely complicated thingi ....So better not to sit and worry abt it ....


well,i agree to vishnu that we should be quick in proposing!why talk so long and harbour emotions for the girl for 2 years and i have seen people harbouring that fr a time beyond that too!go ahead and say what you feel coz life doesnt wait for you to get on your feet!better still start dating when you are settled coz then you would be able to jump to the marriage conclusion quickly!so date and if you click get marrried,if you dont be friends!!after all thereis no dearth of godesseson thefaces of earth we all can find the one made for us!!!!

VISHNU said...

@soin.. propose panna danae reject agarthukku..
@amar.. whos worryin abt all dis.. n y cant i talk abt girls..
point 1:r u tellin tht pple who talk to girls shd only comment abt dem..
point 2: if u think i dont talk to gals.. sorry u dont know me well den..
@amul.. hi-fi..

vaishu said...

A good post... :)
And its malai.. (mountain).. not mazhai (rain) :P wit a knowledge of lil Tamil that I know :P

Vishnu said...

appadiya.. still in confusion.. well u can say thts the effect of leaving tamilnadu.. then u can consider it as a modification.. mazhai would suit more than malai.. if she/he accepts the its mazhai or else u know..