Monday, August 31, 2009

engineers rule

out of 5 new blogs i see, 4 turns out be the blogs of engineers or pple who were engineers.. i started bloggin so tht i can get to know the experiences of pple in different professions.. thts not happenin.. y shd i read abt fellow pple's hell wen am experiencin hell maself..this leaves me in an awkward position.. whether to criticise engineers for ruling the internet or to be proud being an engineer maself.. of course am proud.. no doubt abt it.. then y r very few non-engineers on the net.. thts bcoz they dont find time..

this makes me to write the following QUALITIES to prove tht u r an engineer:
1. u shd be damn jobless.. free almost all the time
2. u shd hav come intelligent n passed out as an idiot
3. u shd be highly insensitive..shdnt care abt anythin
4. u shd feel tht u hav attended more classes than last sem but still ur attendance shd be less than 50%
5. u shd hav the total e-book collection.. u shd sit in front of ur system 24*7 n still shdnt hav read a single word from it..

i think i'll reserve the rest wen i pass out of engineering.. make an "ENGINEER CODE"  jus like the "BRO CODE" as a tribute to the 4 great years..

Sunday, August 30, 2009

match day

liverpool match:
1.alex curran must have felt the competition..coz there is one guy more closer to gerrard now

2.plz shut up - 4 all those who say glen wasnt worth the money

3.kyrgiakos - still cant say him as a disaster

4.even am gettin a bit sick of the words.. "its steven gerrard"..still thala is thala..
5.insua-the future n reina the best of the top 4 keepers..

manu - arsenal match:
1. arshavin- u shd seriously like him for his attitude.. n what a strike.. even though he embarassed liverpool last tyme.. i still like him a lot..
2. almunia is trash wen u compare him with the best.. but wen keepers like van der sar clinch goalkeeper awards u can let him stay..
3.diabolical diaby - day dreaming..
4. rooney is takin penalties.. so plz dont add all of tht in his goal tally..
5. am confused.. i thot rooney's best position was central midfield.. but nw for the bravery he has shown am considering central defence..
6. sent off for kickin a bottle?? n arsene u shdnt lurk around in enemy's lair coz u know u wont get any respect..
7.fletcher is the guy savin manu's ass dis tyme..

1. gattuso.. tht was not a captain's job tht u did today..
2. embarrasment.. massacre..
3. will the real pirlo stand up??
4.wat a fuckin long range from stankovic.. freakin ossum..

real madrid match:
1.couldnt watch it.. wtf were espn doin??

Saturday, August 29, 2009

the patriotic nerve

2 days back i applied for the airforce.. since i'll be graduating from the so called engineering n i jus informed ma dad way back tht i'll be applying.. today wen he had called i told him tht i applied for the short service commission.. he enquired abt it.. so on goes the following discussion:

 patriotic me: the short service is jus for 6 years i think..
worrying dad: 6 years(with a sigh)..tht long.. wat abt the pay they r givin..
pm: u r workin 4 the country.. u dont expect a fancy salary.. but i think it shd be sufficient.. n plus hw am i supposed to know nw itself..
wd: but you'll be 28 by then.. wat abt marriage and settling in life..
pm: cmon dad.. dont talk abt tht nw itself.. n u r supposed to be selfless wen u r doin a job like tht..
wd: atleast u'll get pension n the respect..
pm: sigh..

P.S: u shd be noting the point tht i have only applied n not even hav been selected in the first written round..

P.P.S: if u ever come after the infinite loop.. then there r 2 things tht hav irritated me over the past few days..
1. wiki links on blog posts..
2. word verification on the comments..

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

a tear..

there was a beautiful quote in bharathi's blog about crying..
"one shd cry without any ego coz then only he's a man"

this induced a flashback in ma mind.. i thought about the instances tht i cried.. interestingly.. i could recall only one instance..

first lemme define crying.. its basically an emotional feeling which crawls in due to the emotional attachment towards your loved ones(parents,siblings,friends,lover..n i'll include relatives jus 4 name sake)..pple cry for almost anythin.. pain sufferin misery disappointment unhappiness etc.. somehow i feel pple shd not cry for all those mentioned above.. whose life is full of joy?? shouldnt there be any obstacles in the path of life?? we should be strong and overcome the obstacles.. if u cry for all these u r jus full of shite.. crying shd a rare emotion.. not a common sight.. if its so common then there's nothin to talk abt it..

the following are the instances wen tears shed from ma eyes:
1. the times wen i had cold.. well its jus the tear gland there... no emotion..
2.way back in 1st.. was a moment of fear actually.. saw a herd of buffaloes running towards me wen i was in some village in dharmapuri,tamilnadu..
3.a lil back in 6th standard wen i was caught copying from a girl.. it was a hindi test.. man i suck at hindi..(dont eva copy from a girl.. failing in the exam is a better option)
4. now for the instance which i call cry.. it happened in the 2nd year.. u'll probably wonder y i cried here.. i wonder maself.. i cried while talkin on the phone to ma dad.. a discussion which involved high expectations from ma side,an unnecessary hype,a overthrust of responsiblities on ma shoulders.. complex discussion.. am not gonna detail..

i always felt crying makes u weak.. since i cried scarcely i would like to make a statement tht am a stubborn guy.. considering the fact tht i didnt cry wen leavin 4 raipur.. my mom n sis cried endlessly at the chennai station.. i even noticed a few drops comin outta ma dad's eyes wen he left raipur.. ma mom complains tht i need to be a lil more emotional.. so shd i change??

P.S: only 1 person saw me crying.. n the probability of tht person seein this is almost negligeble.. i unofficially said it to all ma fellow bloggers.. so me officially crying is still nil.. jus for the record..

Monday, August 24, 2009

the perfect day..

somehow today felt like the perfect day i have been longing for.. didnt screw up the crypto test.. felt a bit happy n proud wen i found out tht we,the underdogs were the only pple to solve the hill cipher question.. playing all those online treasure hunts did help.. ma prof called us up n gave attendance to 2 periods which we didnt attend jus like tht.. luks lik he finally add the cherry to the cake.. went to the icy spicy cake shop n stuffed maself.. nothin much happened..but get this satisfaction feelin.. life's puzzling at most times.. wen big moments like me gettin NIT happened there was no satisfaction.. wen nothin happened.. there is satisfaction..

Sunday, August 23, 2009

let it be..

even if u r finished with blogging or lost interest in bloggin.. plz dont delete ur blog.. i was becomin a big fan of the rehab-reject.. for the past 5 days, i was out cold so no bloggin.. when i checked now the blog was gone.. when i enquired i found tht her story was over.. fine.. stop writin.. y delete the blog?? neways.. gone is gone.. hope she starts a new blog..
angie.. this goes to u.. u r a great writer.. so next time let the blog be..

55 poem..

"whatever is in never comes out
not even air can go in
smell a flower you cant
smell food you cant

if you go to a doctor
within 7 days cured it will be
if you stay home
within 1 week cured it will be

tired you will be
after running to catch your nose"

ladies and gentlemen
presenting.. the common cold
the thing tht has been botherin me for the past 1 week and prevented me from updatin ma blog..

P.S.. yoda has been inspiring me lately.. n pity yourself if u coudnt pick the running nose joke in the last line..

Monday, August 17, 2009


all the pple who watched it gave a bad review n all the papers were givin a good review.. mixed up.. we finally decided to go n watch the movie anyway.. so we got up early in the mornin at about 10.30(c'mon its sunday) n went to book the tickets assuming 2 things..
1. we'll easily get a ticket..
2. the show is at 11.30...

atleast one of them turned out to be right.. we got the ticket easily but the show was at 12.15.. nothin much to do, we spent the tyme hangin hazily around a tea shop havin tea, samosas n LMNs..
finally went inside.. grabbed our seats n popcorn..
now the review..
1. a sureshot watch of atleast a single tyme..
2. a total copy of the guy ritchie movie "lock stock and 2 smokin barrels".. only thing is its the indian version..
3. shahid kapoor has done some proper acting for the first tyme..
4.priyanka chopra (c'mon)
5. the link up, story n screenplay were good..
6. all the characterisations were good..

P.S: if u r watchin kaminey.. u surely shdnt miss lock stock..

1.there's a shahid kapoor character who says "fa" for "sa".. so 1 genuine doubt.. suppose the dialogue has the word 'suck'.. so acc to his character he should say 'fuck'.. hw is the audience supposed to know whether hes sayin suck or fuck??
2. the racing horse symbolism is jus too much of a thot.. hope pple understand it..

Saturday, August 15, 2009

happy independence day..

wats the use of tellin it to everybody.. we dont even use our fundamental rights fruitfully.. wats the point of gaining freedom neway.. did we act the countless times wen injustice surfaced just before ur eyes.. even our failure to act is a sign of throwin our freedom in the garbage.. atleast we use our right to speech to the utmost extent.. talk about the profit the communication companies r makin.. thts wat indians do.. we talk n nothin more than tht..

enough of serious talk.. the independence day reminds me of sumthin.. once upon a time wen inox was opened in raipur.. the gang decided to go n watch a movie..after we arrived there, it was a tuf choice to decide which movie to go to.. there were great movies like marigold being showcasin.. eventually we decided to go for gandhi,my father.. there were around 20 pple in the theatre outta which the gang itself had 10 members..every1 was so pissed off coz no1 was in a mood 4 a patriotic real life story.. so as proper coll students we shouted like hell n stopped screamin until the theatre guys came n requested.. i felt tht it was a good movie.. but jus the wrong tyme.. eventually the movie flunked.. here's a tip 4 the film producers.. launch the patriotic movies during republic or independence days or gandhi jayanthi.. coz thts wen patriotism enters the nerves of the pple n comes risin up like a volcano..

P.S: if any of u(other than the gang) recall abt a movie called marigold.. ping me..

Friday, August 14, 2009

projector of ma reflections..

today a miracle(i too believe..) happened.. we had the very first n proper class in which powerpoint slides were demonstrated using a proper projector by a proper professor.. this is the first tyme it had happened in 3 years of fuckin n boring engineering.. and they call ma coll an NIT, a deemed university..huh..

i am a lazy ass.. i need some kinda motivation or inspiration to kick start me.. ma IIT coaching class profs were great pple.. i still ponder over how did prof.santhanum,the chemistry prof make the most boring mole concept theory interesting.. n am also ponderin over the fact how ma department profs are convertin a very interestin electronics into somnolent lectures.. somehow i never got any inspiration from the big guys or top notches.. i feel u dont need abdul kalam to inspire u.. luk at pple around u..
jus got a new inspiration.. acharya sir.. hes not a geek.. hes friendly n makes u involve in the subject.. i jus got this instantaneous crush on cryptography.. jus hopin tht i will do some justice to the subject..

here's a snap..


rosa sinensis..

its not a rosa sinensis.. its an arnottianus.. if u r a biology student u shd probably be knowin wat am talkin about.. below r 2 images of the white hibiscus thts growin in our house.. after some wikiing found out tht the botanical name of the white hibiscus is arnottianus.. i came to know tht its found only in hawaii and is one of the endangered species.. also its used in medicines.. who knows it may cure the swine flu.. after all this info i was pretty sure tht am wrong.. then went to the main page of hibiscus in wiki where names of around 100 species were given..whoosh.. dont have the patience to check all to find out its real name.. neways, am namin ma hibiscus arnottianus.. cool name.. sounds more like a war hero..

P.S: beautiful flower bad photography.. accepted..

Sunday, August 9, 2009

iymbath iyandhu or 55...

just a few moments could
show you the stairway to heaven
get you a free ticket to the moon
ignite the all spark in you

no need to be a martyr
no need to be a prophet
no need to preach
the sweetest and the purest religion

hypnotizing with melody
in the musical trauma forever......

Friday, August 7, 2009


hasnt any1 felt a strikin similarity between mosquitoes and humans.. we shd be behavin as brothers n sisters.. but weneva we spot a mosquito.. we kill it..
lemme explain.. the male mosquito feeds on plant juices.. its doesnt cause any harm to any1 surroundin it jus like the human counterparts.. whereas the female anopheles mosquito bites n tortures u.. keeps on bitin.. n spreads malaria.. jus like the human counterpart.. am not goin 2 elaborate.. my job is done..

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

aloneeeeeeeeee so...............

hw can i stay not talkin abt this?? 30m seems gud.. but ma fav player in liverpool.. wat am i goin to do with the duplicate black jersey of alonso tht i hav.. i jus dont get dis one fact.. y do players leave a club where they r considered god to go to a club where they r one of their first team players.. its such a basic ques.. do u want to be the leader of a group or a member of a group.. the obvious answer shd be leader.. wateva.. will take a lil tyme 4 me to recover..

its like am dead n the footballin world is throwin shocks after shocks to revive me..

the most embarrasing day of every year

got up at 12 to see hari unusually with a namam.. realised it was aavani avittam today.. called ma mom to find out tht aavani avittam 4 rig veda is tomo.. hari neway has the new punal.. so would not hav to go anywhere to put a new punal or even buy a new punal.. for the past 3 years, this day surely makes me laugh out loud.. it puts us all in a very embarassin situation.. its questions our basic knowledge abt being a brahman.. before coll it was rather insultin..u would hav to get up at say 3.30 for attendin the first batch.. take bath n take all the necessary items.. u'll obviously go with ur dad to change ur punal to some mutt where hundreds of pple r waitin 4 the very thing u also wanna do.. then somehow enter n find a nice n comfi place to sit.. all of dis never really gave me a spiritual feelin.. it was jus rather disgustin..
i thot i was the only 1 who doesnt give a damn.. but luks like am havin quite a big company..
i wonder hw the future generation would be??
whether i believe in god itself or not.. i believe in gayatri mantra.. coz i perceive it as a form of meditation..

ma mom tries very hard to change me n ma dad.. well hes clever n gave up long back..
am jus tryin not to hurt other's beliefs..
coz to be yourself is all tht u can do..

"nail in ma head
from ma creator
u gave me life
nw show me how to live.."

the way we want it..

it was 4 in the mornin.. we were busy moderating 4 tensor.. there were a lot of as soin puts it"raipur mosquitoes".. which were ruinin our sleeps 4 the past 4 days.. but eventually i tried to sleep with ma headphones on.. hari had put one of those inscentsticks or sambranis in a hope to drive away the mosquitoes to the next room.. it worked partially..
pple say tht often starin at sumthin 4 quite a tyme puts u to sleep.. so i was searchin 4 the object which i'll be starin at.. wen i decided tht it would be the inscentstick.. the very moment "show me how to live" by audioslave started to ring ma ears.. n it so happened tht the inscentstick was a perfect visualisation of the song.. the visualisation was more like the "x marks the spot"visualisation in windows media player.. i was amazed.. maybe its small things like these tht may spark a good idea.. for majority of the song.. it was a perfect match.. but for the next few songs.. it didnt suit at all..
is it ma perception or wat we perceive it to be??
in most cases its the way we want it to be..
then is it y many pple toss coins to make a big decision??
they toss it not to see wat luck has decided 4 them.. rather they toss to see wat they really long for?? the few secs for which the coin is in the air r crucial..
maybe thts the reason sum pple toss a coin really hard so tht they have a lil bit xtra tyme to decide..

maybe thts y harvey dent tosses a coin which is biased towards himself.. he choses wat he wishes for..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

happy friendship day..

it jus sickens me.. why do we even have such days.. friendship day, mother's day, father's day.... to remember them n honour them.. isnt tht sumthin tht we shd b doin daily.. jus bcoz the world tells u doesnt mean u have to follow it..there shd be sum purpose behind everythin.. i tried googling it.. found a site called its freakin yuuuck.. its filled with hearts n roses.. hearts is ok.. but roses?? dis isnt valentine..n valentines day is jus pathetic.. neway the couples r roamin together all the tyme.. then y the spl day.. if its gonna be a spl day 4 proposin or sum kinda of superstition tht ur love will be a success if u propose on tht day.. then fuck it.. atleast gandhi jayanthi independence day republic day all have reasons..these days shdnt exist too.. but lukin at the remembrance of gandhian principles, our rights.. its definitely needed.. atleast we get a holiday.. if u r gonna celebrate friendship day.. atleast let it be a holiday.. wats the point wen u dont even hav tyme to spend with ur frnds.. wats the purpose pple.. enlighten me..


jus 4 the record.. there's a small teeny weeny box on the left side of this blog.. well its basically a poll.. pple seem to be missin it.. there r 2 problems with it..
1. its goin unnoticed
2. the options r not visible.. so u would have to select all to view them.. must be sumthin regardin ma template.. i tried alot to change it.. not happenin.. am not gonna change ma template coz there was already a world war 1.. n theres not gonna be a world war 2..


tensor v2 will be up by tomo at 12..its like we have started a tradition in our coll.. the series of online treasure hunts tht we conduct surely doesnt have a lot of players.. but i can say tht it surely has a whole bunch of fans who dedicatedly play d game.. everytyme the expectation seems to be increasin.. well humans can neva be satisfied.. we r tryin our best to set the ques to your expectations.. the main prob is tht it has to be tuf as well as interestin.. its a hard thing.. am in a weird situation as usual.. feel like we have attained saturation.. ran outta ideas 4 settin ques.. but i've got new ideas to improve the game.. the worst part is am in ma final year.. already too busy.. tryin to squeeze sum tyme into dis.. will try ma best to conduct atleast 1 more b4 i leave coll.. although it would have been better if the fantastic four would not hav bcum the ossum trio.. free..