Sunday, August 23, 2009

let it be..

even if u r finished with blogging or lost interest in bloggin.. plz dont delete ur blog.. i was becomin a big fan of the rehab-reject.. for the past 5 days, i was out cold so no bloggin.. when i checked now the blog was gone.. when i enquired i found tht her story was over.. fine.. stop writin.. y delete the blog?? neways.. gone is gone.. hope she starts a new blog..
angie.. this goes to u.. u r a great writer.. so next time let the blog be..


soin said...

waatha wtf?? you tag rasel for every damn thing..

Vipul Grover said...

hmm.. anothr blogger told me bout her week back.. so she's gone now.. hmmm
anewez it's a blogger's choice i feel.. bt it mst b painful 2 KILL sumthing u nurturd. so how cn they do it.. evn i wndr.

VISHNU said...

@soin.. no tension.. i call ma scribblings which is almost everythin as russell..