Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Philosophical highness, ur highness

2 random thoughts after getting pretty high..

1. the occasion is my bday party which was in february.. drunk enough to be sane and high.. some topic about religion came by.. i started thinking abt the relation between god and luck.. when i told my dad.. i dont believe in god or his mind games.. he said "even though u control ur life to a maximum extent, at times u kinda feel that some supernatural force intervenes and takes the control out of ur hands".. i kinda agreed and said "that is what pple call luck".. he replied by saying " wats wrong in pple calling it god".. the discussion stopped since it was going nowhere.. so its like this.. even though our life is under the control of ur own microprocessor, a master controller always exists.. speaking technically, the god human relation is analogous to the master slave system.. a potter is an artist who amazes me a lot.. consider the potter to be god.. man is represented by clay.. the potter with his fingers tries to shape the clay.. the fingers could be said to be ur parents, friends.. all those who make what u are.. i would say it is the potters decision to introduce the right fingers at the right time in order to make the perfect pot.. the potter also has a tendency to screw up the pot either accidentally or purposefully.. as always, my mind routed to the movie matrix.. a purposeful screwing up is made by the potter coz that what humans seek which was the result of the first matrix.. they dont want complete happiness.. an accidental screwing up maybe compared to as a glitch or bug in the matrix.. no more complications hereafter coz we went to tapri.. free..

2. the classy second time grassy experience.. i was literally blabbering anything and everything to sundar in the terrace.. then we came down.. me and sundar played pocket tanks deluxe.. almost everytime sundar will win.. in a situation where i was unable to literally hold the mouse and change power and direction, i won all the games.. talk abt irony of the game.. then played with soin successfully hiding my highness.. won of course.. came outside the house to stand in front of the gate to chat with sundar again.. the street light is glaring.. unable to see it directly, i bend down to see my shadow instead.. while i was still jabbering, this parallel thought process was running in my mind.. a shadow is a portrayal of ur outer face.. the mask that each person is wearing is ur shadow.. the real body is ur inner true self.. although u feel there are a lot of similarities between the inner self and the masked zorro, think again coz the shadow and the body have a very small intersection.. if there is an action or a cause, which will give the reaction or the effect - the shadow or the body.. after death, the shadow remains where as the body disappears.. who to put the blame on -  the Creator or the Creation???

i'll finish off with some thing which happened few minutes back.. went to tapri.. mama(shobhith) was totally high.. it shd have been the purified water or the smell of tea coupled with exam tension.. these are the things he said..
1. gandhiji said "after u throw stones at some 1, u shd go and kiss them" (for throwing pebbles at a dog)
2. mappu, yellow kottai da mela.. (referring to the street light)
3. mappu, nakku kulla otta.. (hole in the tongue)..