Tuesday, September 1, 2009

55-thank you for smoking

read the following times of india news(courtesy: hari's post).. if u r too lazy to check out the link.. well in short it says..
1. more women in India are turning smokers
2. India has the third highest number of female tobacco users in the world

 well this is a very serious issue indeed.. n am not gonna talk abt it coz i hav no right to say a word(FYI: am not a smoker).. but somethin very different struck ma mind..here it goes..a 55 short story..

" a time when there is no tobacco..
  men are fed up with women
  a genius guy discovers tobacco
  decides to smoke it
  to relieve the tension
  for which women are the cause

  today women smoke more
  to convey the message
  that they are fed up with men"

P.S: it was just a joke.. but if u feel the need.. feel free to call me a gender racist..
P.P.S: men still are ahead..


SiMbA tAgO said...

good one dude.. nice imagination and write in the lines....

Vipul Grover said...

men or women, smoking is not good.. bt yeah increasing trend among women is a serious one as it means an overall increase..
nd yeah a nice 55er thr..

workhard said...

Ok.. that was a really good one...

But in response to ur last line.. dont worry..women will definitely catch up with men... soon.. they almost there..

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VISHNU said...

@hari.. thanks ur post only..
@vipul.. thts y i didnt want to discuss the serious part.. left this as a joke.. maybe will write later..
@workhard.. u mean in smokin.. lol.. lets c..

ScarletTd1ar1es said...

dude. lol. that was sweet. but horribly wrong. a guy can never be what a girl is. of course i m not talking about skunk bitches.

VISHNU said...

@scarlet.. yeah thts true.. let guys be guys n gals be gals..

Lakshmi said...

Hi... first timer here.. nice post n cool blog.. liked it.. but..
Men r still ahead??? and males or females, smoking harms both equally... :)

VISHNU said...

@lakshmi.. thnx.. i'll write one more post on y men r still ahead..

Lakshmi said...

I can turn into a fierce feminist whenevr anyone speaks demeaning women...not tht u did so... but I d like to know y u think men r still ahead..waiting for the post :)

VISHNU said...

this was totally a joke..
i said men r still ahead owing to the fact tht men got fed up with women b4 women got fed up with men..
dont worry i'll write tht serious post too..

Naarya said...

he!!! he!! its not a joke...its true...now guys are getting all complex and becoming bloody fashion designers....thts why women are all fed up with the jhig-jhig of crazy non-stop talking, vain, 'look at me i am so successful' assholes and have started to smoke!!! this is my personal fav post! yooohhoo!!! :D

Vishnu said...

i think both will jus die trying to imitate the other.. this was actually a serious post but since i didnt want to fight with feminists.. converted it into a comedy..