Tuesday, September 8, 2009

electronic biasing

me wife: y did u even marry me??
me: my parents were forcing me n plus i needed u very badly..
me wife: y dont u pay some attention to my sister then??
me: taking care of u itself is a big achievement.. how can i pay heed to ur sister too..
me wife: she is also an integral part of me..
me: what can i do about that?? ur dad didnt tell me that it was a package deal..
me wife: u knew that it was a package deal.. didnt u?? but still u r betraying my sister..
me: ya i knew.. i love only u n i dont love your sister.. n there is nothin u can do about it..

all right u dirty minds.. this imaginary conversation is dedicated to all those who criticise me for listening to too much music on my mobile and to all those who say that i dont make calls n only send SMSs..
in case u didnt understand, all the characters are listed below:
me - obviously me..
me wife - my mobile
me wife's sister - my airtel sim card
me wife's dad - univercell showroom in chennai

P.S: dont forget to press CTRL+A after reading the post..


soin said...

sappai lavada.. mo0kkai..

Rajesh K said...

nokiavinul nokkinalum yaarukkum puriyathu.. bless ctrl A

Vipul Grover said...

lol.. i snatchd ur thought it seems.. now whoevr reads this aftr reading mine will definitely charge u of copying my style.. lol
Bt tht Ctrl+A thing made d diffrnce.. nice one:)

VISHNU said...

@ vipul..no.. actually.. u posted it first.. so am the guilty one.. as i said sheer coincidence.. i logged in to post this n i find a similar one on ur blog..

Avada Kedavra said...

hahaha.. ultimate PJ

VISHNU said...

@avada kedavra.. plz dont call it a pj.. its a profound and thoughtful idea.. u can call it mokkai(a word in tamil which is soon to be inducted into the oxford dictionary..)

vaishu said...

This is one of the top rated mokais.. i have come across recently... Ctrl + A thing was cool :)

Vishnu said...

the mokkais always stick to u no matter where u go..