Monday, September 28, 2009

change is constant..

well.. u guys did it.. u made me change.. first i received an award from bharathi sir.. i dont know what he felt wen i didnt put his award on ma blog.. then a shower from avada kadavra.. still in dilemma.. then hari gives me 1 too.. now this made me to seriously think.. am not a good writer.. but still 4 awards.. i hate these awards as they resemble some kind of fakeness.. but its like a tradition in blogosphere.. but i feel that the pple who hav given it might hav given it whole heartedly n without any fakeness.. if it is so.. then am happy to accept these awards.. i'l put them on ma site very soon.. even though am not gonna pass the same awards.. i hav something different in my mind.. i hav created my own award as many bloggers do to represent some kinda genuinity in the award.. so the plan is..

i will dedicate my posts to the pple who inspired me to write that post.. and they can take the award from my site n put it on theirs if they want to.. no compulsion to put it on the site.. this way every1 shd be happy.. this is the award that i created..

1. i think the image is self explanatory.. plz dont temme to explain it..
2. the background image has been cheaply copied from the death magnetic album cover of metallica(i know tht metallica wont sue me for plagiarism)
3. i think i hav already dedicated 2 of ma posts to bharathi and rajesh(juju).. if they wish to, they can take this award and put it on their sites..
4. i'll try to change the award then and there so that different bloggers can hav diff awards from me..
5. this award will be present on my right sidebar..


Bharathi said...

Thanks a lot for your kind award. will sure place it my blog. Thanks again.

Saad Shaikh said...

Awards.. yeah.. sometimes even I have a dubious track of mind wrt them.. but nevertheless, bloggers give it whole-heartedly... :)

SiMbA tAgO said...

machi nice da... even though u told me before hand abt this... still i love it

gethu da

Neha said...

I give them whole heartedly and prefer to be optimistic in this case that they also gave me heartedly...awards are good motivation...when someone gives them to you, that means they thought of you while writing that particular post...doesn't it make you feel nice that you are remembered once? :)

PS: i know i know very optimistic and sweet comment...will try to improve nxt time..

Vishnu said...

@bharathi.. thanks.. n no probs..
@saad.. once u know a blogger..u an find whether its true or fake..
@neha..agreed.. lol@ps..

HaRy!! said...

ithai naan aatharikiren:)! good idea...oru question... ipo yaaruku intha blog kuduthi iruke nee?

Naarya said...

Hmm...award looks really awesome!
btw...ur reactions dont show up...can u pls change the font color?

Vishnu said...

@hary.. i hav given this award to so far 2 pple bharathi n rajesh.. wen ever i'll be dedicating a post to the blogger.. they can take this award..

@naarya.. u the first one to comment on the award.. thanks.. n ya i know.. some problem.. will remove the reactions..

vaishu said...

Hey cool concept :)

Vishnu said...

@ vaishu.. thank u.. ennaku etha madiri oru concept..

Anonymous said...

Hey I gave the award with a good intention :( I like your blog -> reflected by me reading your posts and commenting.. I havent given it to every other person.. it's only for people whose blog I follow.. congrats for the other awards!!

pawan said...

God concept!
But just make sure you dont lose ur originality by getting inspired!

Btw, are you from NIT Raipur?

Vishnu said...

@avada.. thanks..
@ pawan..yup.. will try tht.. n ya am from NIT raipur.. final year ece..
y did u ask??

Lakshmi said...

Hey... the award looks good but Wud u explain wat it means??? wat did u try to symbolize??? n i did read the note b4 askin this question... :)

Anonymous said...

see my comment on that post.. your comment dint instigate me.. the post itself was enough to make me angry

Vishnu said...

@ lakshmi..
maybe ur brain is taking a break..
the pic shows many iron filings getting attracted towards a magnet along the field lines of a magnet..
wen i say i am the iron filings and ur blog is the magnet.. i meant am totally attracted to ur blog..

@avada.. yup saw tht n replied to ur new post too.. shall i offer u some cold coffee..

Guria said...

Congrats for the awards and I think even if they have no meaning but those who pass them on mean a lot, and pass on from their heart. I do. Plus, it reminds us of the people who care and that some day we must have had done something right, for another, even single, person to like us.

By the way, your award, the caption is marvellous, loved it. :)

Vishnu said...

thanks for loving the award.. n sorry i hate tags.. already hav 3 pending..
with yours it makes it 5.. wont be doing it.. i find it more amusing to write posts than to do tags..

Guria said...

I hate tags too :)
But it's rude not to do them, when someone asks you to do them, so I did. :)
You don't have to do them, no pressures from me, I understand! :)