Friday, September 18, 2009

sad but true

stumbled upon 2 blog posts on marriages..

here they are..

1. rakhi
2. dowry

i highly recommend the readers to read the 2 posts.. but since laziness is a factor that rules us.. i will give a jist..

the first one is sort of a tragic comedy.. the girl ties rakhi to the guy during the ages of 6-10.. their parents get transferred.. since both their parents are friends.. the concerned pple know tht the other exists but still they dont know each other personally.. they both met while workin for the same company.. the love angel hits the arrows.. now their parents are not acceptin their marriages owing to the reason tht she had tied rakhi.. and the fact tht he is her brother..

can u believe this.. how do parents keep on inventing new reasons against love??
y cant they see the fact tht they r gonna be family from friends?? highly ridiculous..

the second one is a bunch of incidents before marriages.. 2 of them revolve around the dowry system.. even though dowry is gettin reduced these days.. it still exists in the rural parts of india.. it hasnt been totally abolished.. dowry is more common in arranged marriages.. a system of marriage which even researchers feel to be a fairly good system(courtesy: big bang theory).. owing to this point alone..i feel love marriages are better..

am blank.. jus sharing the above 2 blog posts..

P.S: i jus hope that the 2 blog authors pay me up for their


soin said...

why fight which is better-arranged or love marriage..just dont marry...have an open u and

HaRy!! said...

hmm i just dont understand both the stuff...luv marriage and dowry...our ancestors yu know are very wise as its said, so they devised all these shit against luv marriage , but if yu see for themselves..they have 3 wives !!! my greatgrandpa had 3 !!! ewww!

VISHNU said...

@soin.. poramboku.. wat abt this living together concept??

@hary.. master tacticians indeed..

Anonymous said...

oh that's sad.. let me read the two articles.. said...

lets hope they
give you some
publicity too.
all the best.

The Fun place.

Antarman said...

With respect to dowry I think its about people, not arranged or love.

VISHNU said...

@antarman.. r u in suppost of dowry?? interesting..

Antarman said...

No I never supported dowry, and I have shown it by my deeds even, I never ever demanded any dowry for my son and didnt take anything, but this is a very complex thing..what is dowry?...a boy is given everything by parents and its not bad, but if girls are given something it is called dowry and bad why?

For me dowry is something which is demanded....and bad. But I dont consider the parents giving anything to it a boy or bad..I believe in fair equality.

Vishnu said...

@antarman.. thats a great thot.. both the parents shd help monetarily.. but the society doesnt see the way u see..