Tuesday, September 15, 2009

birthdays, GPLs,gifts- too complicated

sept,oct, nov- these are birthday months.. n if u r one of those who has a large gang of friends..u better have a big wallet too.. dunno y the newly weds find these months to be the perfect tyme to fuck?? neways.. our gang here consists of the persons coming from perfect middle class families in india.. next time someone asks you about the powerful spending middle class of india.. u better point your hands to the gang here in raipur.. although we r totally misplaced.. we do take our chances.. it all starts with a GPL.. will explain wat gpl is.. n then a birthday cake worth 600 bugs.. the bday boy has only the job of cuttin the cake.. we stuff the first pieces in his mouth n face.. n then its just an eagle's job of scavenging on whats left.. since its gonna be a big cake.. every1 gets a piece.. in the evening, we jus go to a big hotel.. order watever is there on the menu.. eat like anythin.. the bday boy pays how much ever he can n the rest of us share the remainin bill.. forgot to tell you that we also play a game.. its called"guess the bill".. the person whose estimate is closest to the bill correctly gets a dairy milk.. although the person never got the dairy milk.. most of the times we dont give gifts.. birthdays to us means enjoyment n i like this culture of ours to the fullest..

Full form: Gaand Pe Laath
Translation: Kick In The Ass
there arent any..
1. hittin with shoes or studs on..
2. hittin with ur hands.. mind u this hurts more..
3. roommates,hostel mates or rather any1 can get gpl other than the bday boy..
1. no matter how good of a hitter u r.. u can never hit the ass perfectly.. u'll always hit the back portion
2. if u think u can..refer to point no.1..

a small thing has been botherin me.. jus imagine the situation..
the time is 12.. the venue is a boys hostel.. around 30 pple hav formed a circle around the bdya boy after he was caught.. few pple have gone to call the others too.. the guys surroundin the bday boy are all the best friends of the bday boy who havent wished him yet.. there is a limit to their patience.. suddenly one fellow comes from nowhere n hugs the bday boy n wishes him.. well i just fuckin hate these pple.. if there is one rule to gpl on birthdays then it is this..

"wishes come after GPL.." n thts a rule.. if u guys need a proof for this rule then go n see the dictionary..
think i'll explain about gifts in the next post.. coz i have a dilemma..


Amar Mehta said...

Macha just see the amount you get on your bday ...Then would be fun ....Time for some hard core revenge for my bday ...

Amar Mehta said...
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soin said...

@amar we will still hit you again..fellow liverpool fan.. can always find a reason
@kuchi..worst is those who come for others gpl but on their bday turn off bday notifications and shit up in their place like a pottai chicken..whatever it is in the end people like when all the close friends wish u on ur bday.. so it implies that the person doesnt want us..fuck..free

VISHNU said...

@amar.. wat amount?? the bill amount??

@soin.. free.. jus hope tht he doesnt regret it later..

Naarya said...

i hate it when guys do their GPL ritual on bdays....i once saw a guy getting his bday "gift" in the playground....bloody gore it was... he didnt come to class for next 3 days... why do guys do this anyways??? doesnt it hurt??? :O somebody...plsss explain...

Vishnu said...

its kinda of a guys way of sayin happy birthday.. we dont give gifts or anythin.. we jus beat him up n party.. he might hav not come to class the next 3 days bcoz of all the partyin he must hav done.. it hurts but not for 3 days.. no pain no gain.. similarly here.. no pain no love..nanga enga pasatha konjam adigama dan kamipom..