Thursday, September 3, 2009

y men are still ahead??

the time wen the indian students were attacked in australia.. ndtv as usual conducted the group discussion on dis.. the topic was racism..

am jus gonna mention abt the incident.. the topic shifted towards gender racism..
along with kiran bedi and other top notches there was also Harita Kaur Deol.. if all u feminists are wonderin who dis is.. pity urself.. she is the first woman pilot to be inducted in the indian air force.. in 1994 wen she was inducted she was 22.. she is also the first indian women to do a solo flight ie the plane was all hers..

she made a statement tht day.. she was not allowed in rescue missions n to go beyond the indian airspace.. n she called this as gender racism..

fine i accept it as gender racism.. but she forgot to consider the other extreme case.. what if she was given permission to go for rescue missions.. what if she met with an accident or due to some technical problem, was forced to bail out of the plane.. this would hav either killed her or abandoned her somewhere else..

the very same women community and activists who are demandin their rights would hav now turned the plates saying tht the IAF has been irresponsible for letting women into dangerous missions.. blame the indian government in all the cases.. wat do u expect the government(controlled by men during tht time) to do.. nw that u hav indira gandhi and prathiba patil in the chairs.. lets c if they bring in a change..

the point is there are some things which women cant do n which men can only do.. like the example stated above due to the sheer bravery required..
likewise there are some things which men cant do n women can only do..
like child birth..
did men ever complain tht we were unable to give child birth??
let the job meant for the particular gender be done by them itself.. y do u bring in the racism thing..

as long as this racism which are in the minds of women exist.. men will always be ahead..


Lakshmi said...


Lakshmi said...

But.. " due to the sheer bravery required.." Did u mean women cant be brave as men??? See.. if she wanted to take up tht mission, it was her decision.. she had the will power.. n was ready to face all the consequences...She was ready...Y did the Govt hold her back then?

VISHNU said...

she was ready to face the consequences.. the government were afraid of the consequences of the consequences.. not bravery.. wrong word.. physical labour.. like men are faster n can carry more load.. etc..

soin said...

lets say she was let go,was captured and raped or soemthing.. how bad it would have been.. and if a man went and he got caught he would have been killed then and there..he would have becoming the sexual fantasy of the army..but of course if we try protecting women they will call us bastards..let them go unprotected and we are irresponsible bastards

Vipul Grover said...

well, the point u raise thr is right but the reason u give is off-track.. As Soin says, the only reason for not sending women across enemy borders is to save thm frm any sexual abuse in case they get caught. It has nothing to do with bravery and for tht physical labour.

VISHNU said...

@vipul.. thts wat i tried to convey..

Hopeless Romantic said...

nice informative post :)


Vishnu said...

thanks amit..

Anu...:) said...

What you have said is true...
I guess its hypocrisy of the Women's rights groups or whatever that keep on screaming on top of their voices for equality but can't take responsibility of the aftermath that happens after the equality is granted.
Nice post:)

Naarya said...

The whole war cry for "female rights" is a misguided mess. I dont know why these ladies dont go and help the dowry hit, sexually abused victims of domestic violence and stuff. They only want to hold flags against fashion parades. like they are all out to "protect" educated, fame crazy, all knowing models against "exploitation".
I completely agree with you. There are few things women should not do in current scenario. Like crossing the border of a nation in war front. She is likely to be humiliated and held ransom. There are a few things that men are capable of doing and a few that women are. Most nursery school teachers are women. We shape the entire future of this world. I dont know why women are not proud of what they do. Its pathetic that they need to do what men do to prove themselves.

Vishnu said...

yup..totally agreed.. let the things meant for the particular gender be done by themselves.. can men be nurses?? similarly y do u want to go across borders n fight..

vishal jindal said...

Very well said :)

Vishnu said...

@vishal.. thanks for the follow.. n dont temme that u r the sole propriter of the jindal