Thursday, September 3, 2009

umm.. bloggers..

am basically an analyser.. wenever i meet new pple i judge them straight to the core.. observe their every move.. play tiny mind games with them.. see their reactions to the silly and purposeful things i do.. today i hav taken up the job of analysin a bunch of complex pple.. they are complex bcoz every1 is different n psychotic in their own ways.. am talkin abt u all(n me too).. the bloggers..

bloggers can be categorised into 2 types:
1. those who write for themselves
2. those who write for others to bring in the whole idea of sharing ur views with others thingi..

the mixed breed also exists..
the first type write abt their personal life.. it so happens tht in most cases outsiders understand very little.. therefore very few followers..

the second type combine their personal life and the things happenin around them..spice it up.. commercialise it perfectly.. well u know their blogs are the perfect bollywood movies..

no matter what.. every person.. wen u open the site and start to pen down ur thoughts.. there is this transformation in u.. many may accept this transformation.. but most deny sayin tht ma real self n the blogger self are the same.. its jus tht u dont see urself changing..
so based on this assumption rather axiom, i say every blogger has 2 faces:
1. the real face which he shows to the outside world
2. the blogger face which he shows to his fellow bloggers..

pple who are a close friend of the blogger n who also follow the blogger's blog can only see this contrast in character..
i have seen bloggers who have these 2 faces totally different..

every person is a cube.. u r jus viewin only one side of the cube(elevation).. even if u raise ur view(perspective).. u r able to see a few more sides.. there is always a hidden side.. only if u have knowledge abt all the sides, u can fully realise the cube.. (got the message rite?? a lack of words..)

any relationship is based on understanding.. let it be friendship or love.. if u dont fully understand the person u can never fully love them.. (too much deviation from topic..)

so in order to know a person more, one shd obviously follow their blog..
ended it finally..

P.S: elevation,perpective are all architectural terms.. an obvious effect of ma ex- roomie..
P.P.S: this post has been dedicated to bharathi..


Lakshmi said...

Tht was nice :) I used to write for myself.. But now I really want others to read what i write n try to make it interesting...
I like the concept bout the cube.. good one... n yes, its true wat u said... every relationship thrives well if there is understanding...

soin said...

so which braket you will i be put under?? and dog i all elevation and all..geeky..and its stupid that i get properly..stupid raghu..

VISHNU said...

@lakshmi.. welcome to the mixed breed..n the cube.. well its jus a normal engineer's idea..
@soin.. machi.. the mixed breed obviously.. even though we write for ourselves.. at times we tend to spice it up..

Bharathi said...

Sorry vishnu I ve been running around these days and missed a lot of our friends' posts. Hope things will settle down soon and be able to read post regularly.

Regarding your post, yes there might be two faces for bloggers. Not only bloggers but human being in general has two faces.

1. first face: this is how you want people to look at you.
2. second face: this is how you are, with your wildest hidden desires.

Many people cant show their second face openly because of fear of negligence by the society.

This trend might be seen in blogs too.

Personally I too have two faces and am trying to reduce the differences.

Reg your dedication of this post, I am touched and impressed. Thanks a lot.

VISHNU said...

if we reduce the differences of our 2 faces then we can call ourselves god.. naan kadavul.. neengalum kadavul.. i felt rather than awards this dedication is a better form..

Bharathi said...

:-) true. Wont it be nice to see how being a kadavul would look like? And yeah the dedication seems to be very real agains little bit of fakeness in awards.

vaishu said...

Its very true, and I think I am mixed breed... Have to ask my friends if my transformation is too much or not... Anyways... happy to see that someone is like me in analyzing people and their reactions... :)

Vishnu said...


karan said...

nyc writing brother!!!...

iv learnt something from dis post....
example of cube is awsome...inspiring for new bloggers....

keep on posting...

Vishnu said...

thanku.. its just my usual analysis..