Friday, April 10, 2009


i basically luk 4 3 things in any music..
the bg music

the most influential part (i feel) is the lyrics.. thts y have bcum a gr8 fan of poets of fall..marko thala free..
wen i say bgm.. i mean the guitar n the drums.. if its guitar i reckon slash(gnr) n drums lars(metallica) as the best.. as a habit am plannin to write a few words of any song which influence me tht day in ma posts.. so dont mind.. n guys am not contradictin ma intro.. will start tht habit rite nw..

"theres a tyme 2 live n a tyme to die
its time to meet the maker
theres a tyme 2 live but isnt it strange
as soon as we're born we're dying.."
-the clairvoyant(iron maiden)

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