Friday, April 10, 2009

contradictions n sarcasm..

hav seen many pple around me who tend to contradict demself.. forget dem.. take me as an example..
i feel ive lived ma whole damn lyfe tryin not 2 contradict maself.. tryin 2 have a clear thinkin.. n dont pretend as if u havent done it.. we all thrive on it.. atleast wen i feel i contradict maself.. i get the feel tht am thinkin stright fwd
forgot abt sarcasm.. not gettin the words to xplain dis 1.. will tell abt this later wen sarcasm strikes me..

"ashtrays filled with the fruits of our transgression
here and there sarcasm overflows.."
-ultimate fling(poets of the fall)

1 comment:

vishvak saen said...

self contradiction is an inherit quality man.. not our fault you