Saturday, April 25, 2009


since pple around me r all doin the same ol engg.. i kinda seem to get the trait here.. so i have classified engg students as follows..

android 1- typical bookworms.. studies is wat dey do.. dey talk studies walk studies eat studies.. eventually bcum 9 pointers.. little dey know tht there's a whole wide world outside.. trapped in their cocoons.. willing to be butterflies.. but cant.. coz itz hard to break ur own principles.. pity dem..

android - the bindaas guys.. dont give a damn abt nythin.. back logs r jus another branch in the tree.. njoy life to the fullest.. do wat they love to do... straight fwd pple..

well homies if u dont fall into android 1 n ∞.. dont feel.. coz we r the modern youth.. n wat we do is perfect injustice to android 1 n .. we r jus a mixed breed.. we r android 0..

android 0 - wat we do is we njoy for most of the tyme..n wen its xam tyme.. its studies n nothin else.. we r envy in the eyes of android 1 n .. coz we r talented n useless piece of shit..
wait.. theres more..theres a subclassification.. dis is based on the amount of marks scored in the final xam.. so here come android 28 n android 80..

android 80 - i swear these pple r jus goin 2 get killed by android 1.. i dont blame dem.. i'll surely get pissed off wen 6 months of hard work r easily achieved in 6 days.. talented idiots.. many a times its bcoz of these 80s.. 28s r denied the assistance of the 1s... free..

android 28 - 28 is a remarkable feat.. dey dont have a need to show tht dey r outstanding.. dey jus show tht even dey r still standin.. dey dont care whether its a breeze or a tornado.. as long as dey get the wind tht is needed.. dey r a cheerful bunch..

"Life is a waterfall
We're one in the river
And one again after the fall

Swimming through the void
We hear the word
We lose ourselves
But we find it all....

Cause we are the ones that want to play
Always want to go
But you never want to stay
And we are the ones that want to choose
Always want to play
But you never want to lose"
- aerials(SOAD)

P.S: i think pple around me know which android i am.. n soin couldnt resist aerials.. 80 n 28 could be changed to 100 n 36...

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Srivatsan said...

my third sem fucked my grade sheet,else i would have been 8 pointer..7.5 is shit when it comes to interviews!x-(