Thursday, April 9, 2009


well.. thot might start off with an intro...
3 things abt me:

music lover
sports fan
stray thoughts...

the first 2 r irrelevent here although those instincts may crop up all the tyme..
well the third.. have alot of things goin in ma mind.. vishvak suggested me 2 try this out..
anyways its 4 in the mornin.. kool weather.. maybe thts wat is provokin me to do dis piece of crap..

i'll be clear from the start.. am not here 2 write poems n showcase dem 2 the girls.. am here to talk abt sum serious shit.. somethin thts bothering me all nightmare long.. gosh.. already.. n ya i get it.. pple knowin me may find it hard 2 imagine.. am not jokin.. so if all out dere wanna help me out.. u can start by wipin tht bloody smirk off ur faces n start commenting on ma blog..

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