Wednesday, April 15, 2009


after wat happened yesterday.. hw do u not expect me 2 write on ma fav sport.. first of all any sport is jus abt passion.. n passion 2 football exceeds everythin else.. being an indian i find maself awkward bcoz of the sole reason tht i dont like cricket tht much.. india has a gr8 chance of winnin the cric world cup dis tyme.. whereas in football as russell used 2 say.. we jus have to wait years n years 2 see whether india will make it 2 the world cup.. from the very beginning cricket was neva ma choice.. used 2 watch football f1 basketball hockey.. but not tht much cric.. basically i feel the reason is
1. its tooooooooooo long
2. its a lazy man's game

maybe 20-20 can change ma 1st reason.. but surely not the 2nd.. n yea ipl is gud.. atleast i fancy the fact tht i get to support a club.. but besides tht sorry cric is all wat i have 2 say..

cummin bck 2 futball.. every1 talks abt attacking n glamorous football.. technically proper futball.. as f365 put it.. technically proper futball can neither create the most interestin games nor create many goals.. as it requires not only attack but also defence.. n goals cannot always come by sparks of brilliance.. they come majority due 2 defensive errors.. after all to err is to human..

am a liverpool supporter as of now.. well thts a long story.. n will keep on talkin on futball n music.. so later dudes n dudettes..

"I dont think you trust
in my self righteous suicide
I cry when angels deserve to die"
- chopsuey(system of a down)

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vishvak saen said...

may i point out none of the dudettes seem to be reading this.. adn they cant relate to ynwa hillbrough and all..worsht