Sunday, April 12, 2009


thts how u pronounce it.. the simple word bulb which has a complex meanin among chennaites.. all chennaites must have used it in their skool.. its jus too gud to resist.. n the way u pronounce it to tease ur frnds.. well u get such a satisfaction which u cant describe in words.. nw lets analyse this..

wen sum1 makes a statement or a very logical guess of an event.. n suppose tht it doesnt happen.. others r free to pronounce d magical word.. lets talk technical.. if the probability of an event is say almost 1 (ie) it is a soor event.. wen i am so confident tht this event will happen, i obviously will predict the occurence of the evnt.. n may say it publicly to ma frnds.. but suppose due to technical difficulties, the evnt does not occur.. then all ur frnds can give u a buullbuuu..

its origin is unknown but the reason for its existence is quite clear.. its jus a way of mocking some1's wrong guess abt sumthin.. we jus get a sort of a happy feeling tht some1's wrong..
as quoted in the movie thankyou 4 smokin " u dont have to prove tht u r rite.. u jus have to prove tht the other is wrong"

the point of this post was not abt xplanin the bulb concept.. i actually intended to find the difference between bulb sarcasm n irony.. will write it in ma next post.. gimme a break..

P.S- i would lik 2 thank ma sis 4 lettin me understandin dis complex algorithm.. btw shes in 10th..

"I guess that's why it's raining diamonds, sweet happiness in tears
Crying heaven shed your diamonds, diamonds for tears "
- diamonds 4 tears(POTF)


SiMbA tAgO said...

kuchi yen da ellarum unna kalaikaranga.....does this bbuuulllbbuuuu part of ur life start long bak from school??

vishnuprasad said...

enna da volara.. n plus u cant enjoy the feel of the word coz u were not brought up in chennai..

rajesh said...

enna irundhalum
bulb, bulb than..
tube, tube than..
kuchi, kuchi than..

vishnuprasad said...

thanks da juju.. who can replace me..