Wednesday, April 15, 2009

futball n india...

i started seein football wen i was in 6th.. tht tyme i knew only the great players like beckham giggs owen bergkamp cantona.. lack of resources n innocence.. continued watchin till 8th until disaster struck chennai.. they introduced the idea of pay channels n set top boxes.. the local cable is useless.. jus a showcase of the local channels.. so it was a total cut from everythin or wateva i felt kool.. futball eng music eng movies.. the worst part of the whole setup was all these pay channels were not viewable in the major cities viz chennai mumbai delhi kolkata.. later i came 2 know tht the other cities no longer had this monstrocity.. it was only chennai nw.. its all political.. there jus seems 2 be no logic among the responsible policy makers in our country.. i accept tht majority of the indian population resides in the villages.. but majority of the population who watch espn star discovery reside only in the cities.. dey were literally denyin the best or sensible students in our country the extra knowledge.. wat could have happened wen pple already havin the exposure of cities also get the extra edge tht we were denied... surely sumthin magical or catastrophical i guess..
forget all that.. those channels r still not available in chennai.. u need tht damn set top box to view all those..
eventually i came 2 know abt ma interests.. the point is try a hand in everythin to truly understand urself.. free..

"wen the future's architectured
by a carnival of idiots on show
u better lie low..

if u love me
wont u lemme know??
-violet hill(coldplay)"

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