Tuesday, April 14, 2009


wat do we all do wen we meet sum1 new?? or meet a childhood frnd after a very long tyme not knowin hw dis cruel world would have changed dem..

we try 2 analyse dem..
so all of us dumb m****f****** do a thingi known as reciprocation(wat i call it)..
we jus try to hide our true self n try 2 be sum1 who we cant be.. n we really suck at tryin 2 be sum1 else.. trust me*... so y the damn try.. jus be urself.. coz we know tht we r kool...

"I'm trying to be somebody
I'm not trying to be somebody else
This life is mine i'm living
Don't you know me? I wont ever let you down"
-be sumbody(3 doors down)

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