Saturday, April 11, 2009

a game of minesweeper..

well as u all know am a big fan of the game minesweeper.. am so much addicted to it tht i play the game a min of 20 times /day.. xperience is a teacher n i have learned quite a few from the game.. would like to share it with u all..

first ma basic aim was to finish the game 3 times from 5.. wen tht was done.. i came 2 know tht j.k rowling..yes the j.k rowling.. is also a big fan of minesweeper(courtesy n she found dis game as a substitute 2 smokin.. her best tyme in expert level was 99 secs. so tht was ma next target.. weneva i sat down n tried to beat her record.. it didnt happen.. i sucked big tyme.. but eventually i did it.. it actually happened without notice.. i was playin jus lik tht talkin wit ma roomie.. i finished the game n continued talkin.. after tht i noticed tht i had finished it in 97 secs.. the point is wen we try towards sumthin we may not get it.. but if we truly deserve it, we'll eventually get it.. toyota.. the game actually raised ma ego.. nw dont give ego a fancy name called confidence.. call it ego call it confidence.. its all the same damn thing.. all of those who r probably thinkin tht am nuts.. well cmon guys.. where will we be without our ego?? the gr8 federer may well have high confidence.. but wen he is losin to nadal..ego is the only thing tht keeps him goin.. u r gud at sumthin.. ur ego increases.. so wat i feel is ego is not bad.. it is sumthin we all shd use productively..

"How can I be lost?
If I've got nowhere to go
And how can I blame you
When it's me I can't forgive? "
-unforgiven 3(metallica)


vishvak saen said...

as rand put it-egoism is the fountainhead of you have to stop using

vishnuprasad said...

i'll try..

SiMbA tAgO said...

article was nice....cud have put that pic....but i don think ego n confidence sound same...anyhow...nice

Srivatsan said...

what does toyota mean here??

Vishnu said...

cartoonla mokka podara ungalukku word mokka puriyalaya!! toyota means moving forward.. its tagline..