Friday, October 2, 2009

the feeling

"After a sleepless night
oh yes there is sunlight
but the chillness of the air
made your lower body cold
with a cup of tea on one hand
and with an objectionable object on the other
your head is made warm
with your headphones blaring
busy morning people glaring
you look back with pitiness
laughing at your own vettiness
yes.. i have witnessed heaven
without touching the lotus feet of god......"

i'll surely miss tapris(tea shops) when i leave raipur..

P.S: no questions about the objectionable object
P.P.S: for those who dont know tamil.. vettiness means joblessness..
P.P.P.S: no wonder they call tea and the objectional object as an "heavenly combination"
P.P.P.P.S: a typical life of a engineer..


☥ ѕωαмι ηανєєη said...

"P.S: no questions about the objectionable object"

:( ... this is not fair

vishal jindal said...
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vishal jindal said...

feeling ur feeling was a gr8 ma limited mind is so stuck at the objectionable object that i was into those wild imaginations and poor guesses all thru .. :)

Guria said...

Objectionable object? Can't comment without knowing what it is, after all I don't know how much that is responsible for "witnessing heaven"... :D

Neha said...

I hate no questions and no comments wala of the part, awesome write up..

@ Guria, gal, you also have this don't ask me the questions, I wont answer clause in your latest tag wala post...bad...

SiMbA tAgO said...

@ all : : let me tell that the objectionable object is by sure the cigarettes.. undoubtedly ... what else can it be ... cuz thats the real heavenly combination .. and that too under rains ..

P.S. - m nt a smoker.. act havnt tried it too

Vishnu said...

@naveen.. i wanted everyone to comment on the poem rather than the objectionable object..

@vishal.. u got the object rite??

@guria.. oh my.. i never expected who might find it hard to guess the objectionable object.. didnt u get it wen i said tapris?? u seriously need to know the outside world..

@neha.. no comments clause on the object only..not on the poem.. neway thanks..

@simba.. wat part of PS did u not understand.. like is thy which shd not be mentioned here..

Guria said...

I know enough of the outside world buddy, thank you, but guess, not enough of the language. And a guy hiding about his cigarette??!! A objectionable object?? And that with tea is heaven??!! Damn, I think I'm getting old! :D

Vishnu said...

@guria.. not hiding.. jus thought might give it a new name.. yup heaven.. maybe u shd try it

ScarletTd1ar1es said...

lyf of an engineer. tsk tsk.

cigiz are gud. but if u want heaven try fallin in luv. but again its a bachelor degree. :P

Vishnu said...

falling in love is hell..
breaking up is heaven.. lol..

gils said...

//falling in love is hell..
breaking up is heaven.. lol..//

enna thathuvam enna thathuvam :)

Vishnu said...

sir.. postkku comment adigana..commentkkae comment ah.. neways thanku..

Anonymous said...

P.S: this was a good post.. you are actually good at poetry
P.P.S: Objectionable object.. hmm..
P.P.P.S: Is your college life coming to an end?

Vishnu said...

trust me i suck at poetry.. but time to time i test the patience of my followers.. comments on the object.. in the final year of coll life..

ScarletTd1ar1es said...

u have definitely not been in love. :P

nan said...

ethana vatti ethana vidhama ethana bashai la padichalum padikka padikka thegattadha ore theme :P :P :P


Naarya said...

watevr was the objectionable object...the lines are pretty good!

soin said...

dei kuchi someone says u havent been in love.. tell them about ur boy friend.. go on they will all

Vishnu said...

@naarya.. thanks a lot..

@soin.. mokka podadha da.. n wat if he understands or not.. some1 else shd only understand..