Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Indian Dream

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This is a soliloqhy between me and my alter-ego:

Hey, am totally confused about this topic.. it gives me the creeps.. gimme some god damn ideas na..
Its too simple yaar.. its the dream of every indian.. what would every indian want to see happening??
Every indian would want India to become a super power.. play a vital part in the UN.. have a very high per capita income.. solve many of the world's problems.. blah blah..
Arey.. enough already.. shouldn't have let you talk at all.. a dream is something a person would like to witness during his/her lifetime.. the things you are saying may happen.. but you won't  be alive to witness all these.. think simple man..
Hmmm.. i bet that every indian would want to see a corruption-free, unemployment free and an educated india..
True.. but the only problem is all these problems are interconnected and so will keep on pestering.. U just can't be free from them totally.. the other countries have also failed in achieving these..
What is your suggestion?? a country free from caste based discrimination??
As long as politicians exist.. caste will exist and as long as caste exists, politicians will exist.. tell me something which runs in the blood of every indian.. something which affects their pride and passion.. Indians are passionate people with a pinch of great pride you know..
Hmmm.. cricket..
Finally.. now u r on the right track.. its their never - ending desire to win the world cup..
No.. with the team now, am sure india will win the world cup atleast once before i die.. i have a better dream..
And whats that.. about not performing in football??
No.. not performing in other sports other than cricket..
For once you have a better idea.. continue.. am off to sleep..

"Hockey is the national sport of India
but cricket is the most popular sport
there is a football team with 11 players
whose names we can't remember
there is a cricket team with 11 players
whose names we will never forget
a beautiful game, cricket
it just masks all the others perfect
should we put the blame
on the cricket game?
no,point your fingers to those
who rose the game to fame
but restricted the fame only to this game.."

The BCCI is the highest monetary contributor to the ICC.. The IPL is one of the very first successfully running competitions in the world.. Even though, the BCCI contributes to the development of other sports in the country, all its efforts have been in vain.. India currently ranks 149 in the FIFA rankings.. the whole country celebrated like anything when abhinav bindra won the first individual gold medal.. nearly half of the population won't be knowing saina nehwal, jeev milkha singh, sunil chetri or narain karthikeyan.. i really am a very big fan of vijay mallya who was responsible for the upliftment of formula one in india.. similarly millionaires like him could take the responsiblity of improving other sports along with the government.. India doesn't lack talent.. it just lacks the proper supportive people.. with this i would like to conclude by saying that the "Indian dream" would definitely be to see India start prospering in other sports too..

P.S: Just another sports fanatic wishing to see India lift the FIFA world cup or get the highest medal tally in the olympics..

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SiMbA tAgO said...

jus too good ... lovely use of sinplest lang in the poem ... adn a good convo between the U & alter-U ....


Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

U and alter ego talk too much.. good one .. all the best

ScarletTd1ar1es said...

i can bet every engineer wants to be let out of prison. every indian wants a better life as in in terms of standards.

☥ ѕωαмι ηανєєη said...

i like the approach .... u vs U ..nice.... just for the record we did qualify in the football world cup once .. in the 50s i think .. on the basis of a technicality ... and we decided not to play because of the new guidelines of FIFA about shoes

Dhiman said...

I think your dream is achievable... see the boxer Vijendra Singh though won bronze in world championships yet got a medal right so maybe we see your dream come true some more decades later :D

narendra said...

I dont like sports and i (until today) felt why make a large fuss about we winning,we loosing and so on..but after reading the poem..i think you changed my is important to many...!

good post..

Anu...:) said...

Very nice post...and aptly titled! :)

Guria said...

I like it. Football and the Indian Dream, that;s mine too. a light-hearted but a profound take. :)

Avada Kedavra said...

a typical "guy" post :P but yeah a good one.. even though I am not much interested in sports.. I think sports is another field where India can make a mark for itself..
P.S: you REALLY are good at poetry.. proof: the poem in this post too.. write more poetry.. you write well!!

Chetan said...

nice idea of you and your alter ego
good one

all the best

nan said...

Thanks to the media we know of sainas, jeevs, abhinavs, somdevs and pankajs; looks like they do some thing good once in a while. I guess I can proudly say I know one person who plays in the Indian football team (apart from Baichung bhutia ofcourse) :D Steven Dias :P -> thanks to the press.

Remember PHL that took place in hyderabad ? I guess a lil more of sports philanthropist charm to PHL would ve helped it taste some success and by now we would ve been able to name and be proud of atleast half a dozen indian hockey players.

Hope your dream comes true !!! (And I really mean it! )

Srivatsan said...

"no,point your fingers to those
who rose the game to fame
but restricted the fame only to this game.."

sooper appu!

ipl eh football league match nadathina thaan football prabalam aagum!

Mr. Pramathesh™ Borkotoky said...

Thumbs Up to your approach

Vishnu said...

@simba.. thanks.. tryin my hand at what am pathetic.. poems..

@rajalakshmi.. thanks.. wat can i do.. both are similar and never give up talking..

@scarlet.. dude..u've got ur comments mixed up i think.. i feel tht shd hav been a comment for my previous post.. n accepted the fact tht every engineer wants 1..

@naveen.. yea.. tht was one pathetic incident which i can never forget..

@dhiman.. shd start becoming true..

@narendra.. interesting u r.. am happy tht i could change ur view..

@anu.. thanks.. am not responsible for the title.. that was the topic for an online writing event.. u can check the blogaton link..

@guria.. thanks..more of a personal feeling..

@avada..wat else can u expect froma guy.. some1 had to take this n it was me.. with the encouragement u r givin me, i think u'll hav to read more of my stupid poems.. thanks a lot..

@chetan.. thanks.. it was a way of bringing every1 into the topic..

@nan.. wow.. u know a lot.. same here.. hoping for the dream to bcum true..

@srivatsan.. edho nanum chumma punch try pannen.. ya no other go for football..

@pramatesh.. thanks a lot..

MADHU RAO | (INDImag.COM) said...

Mai aur meri alter ego :-) .

A very nice post. To each according to his own. A successful sports' dream can go a long way in pulling up India in other arenas ..


Sid 'Ravan' Kabe said...

I like ur sporty approach on the Indian dream!!!

Bharathi said...

nice casual post.

pawan said...

This was the first Blog a ton post I read in the morning and I should tell you that I was amazed.
You really delivered the message there, with the required intensity.
Great work dude.
But I guess the black and white variation in the post hurt my eyes!


vishal jindal said...

are v indians born cricket crazy?? i say no...its sort of conditioned a squint cud make a turn over!!
hope n wish ur (our) dream comes true

Vipul Grover said...

Hey buddy, a nice Indian Dream.. Not a football fan, but definitely dream of India topping the Olympic medal tally one day :)
nd yeah a nice innocent convo (with ur alter ego) and the poem.

Anonymous said...

my best wishes for our football team and your post too..
It was a very simply described dream which definitely touched many hearts like mine..

HaRy!! said...

Well Vishnu...blame the media! why do they need money to show the pride and development of footbal....if they did not expect any sponsors and just at least show the news on football that'd hav been enuf recogination and pace to make ppl watch! hmm or blame Kapil for winning the world cup!

Shruti said...

hi vishnu :)
Indian dream and football!!
Quite a different take on the topic!!
I liked the convo bet u n altar ego!

Anniyan patha effect :P ;)
Good one!

soin said...

if we go world cup in my lifetime i will sell everything i have.. go and see each match and enjoy.. that despo to see our team

Vishnu said...

@madhu rao.. thanks..

@sid.. i am a sporty person.. lol..

@bharathi.. thanks.. it may be delivered in a casual way..but a very serious topic to me..

@ pawan.. thanks a lot.. actually wanted to write a short post.. but couldn't.. so in order to atleast reduce the size..i didnt type enter after each person's dialogue in the convo.. so in order to differentiate.. the black n white thingi had to come..

@vishal.. not born..but made to be cricket crazy.. n its pple like us who shd tell all others abt the different sports..

@vipul.. thanks.. i think we all will die celebrating if india top the olympic medal tally..

@RSV.. thanks.. the post was meant for sports fans..

@hary.. actually u cant blame them.. only when there are viewers will they put it.. n plus espn star sports n ten sports telecast all possible sports.. how many of us have the patience to sit and watch golf?? more our fault.. lol@ kapil for winning world cup..

@shruthi.. thanks.. am a fan of football.. nan vena anniyan madiri pesuven aana.. nan avan illai.. nan avan illai.. lol..

@soin.. me too.. no need to sell property n all.. many banks give personal loans.. lol..

Whysoserioustoday said...

A nice n different perspective .... nicely written ..

pra said...

Nice post. You have talked about almost all the dreams of India and elaborated the sports dream! I think 'yes this dream is achievable!'

Nasrajan said...

Indians & Fifa..

Is that too interconnected with our circumstances and standard of living... Not very sure, raking my brain to recall a theory I read some time ago; it said Indian's body build cannot match those of the other countries playing in Fifa.. Not very sure... am totally ignorant about the game, though coming from a football crazy family background :-)

Neha said...

the most different take on the topic Indian dream...loved it...I am a bit time cricket, football and tennis fan...(I can see the liverpool badge, n m a man u fan)...amazing post...all the best :)

Vishnu said...

@whysoserious.. thank u..

@pra.. hoping the same.. n thanks a lot for noticing tht i had talked abt all dreams of india..

body build is just another part of football.. its like u r comparing football and wrestling.. the greatest players(like maradona,pele,messi,kaka) of all time are talented n not well built.. am sure that there is a lot of talent in india..
irony is always there when it comes to family.. :)

@neha.. thanks a lot neha.. and thank goodness u didnt put a manu badge on ur blog.. pple would stop following ur

Insignia said...

A creative one. You and your alter ego. It was a bit different take on Indian dream.

I have always wondered when Chinese can excel in sports, why cant we.

They are so dedicated, the sports federation really makes it a point to achieve. Well, I did watch on TV some grueling sessions the athletes are put into.

Whatever, hope it all comes true.

Vishnu said...

@insignia.. thanks a lot.. yup obviously.. we are the second highest population n it pisses me out when u cant find a bunch of guys who excel at sports.. there is talent..but there jus isnt any motivation..

deeps said...


a Plato in making?

Naarya said...

thr is something for u in my blog!

Pankaja said...

I guess ppl may not know even Bhaichung Bhutia or Dhanraj Pillay....Good one!

Pankaja said...

I guess ppl may not know even Bhaichung Bhutia or Dhanraj Pillay....Good one!

Vishnu said...

@deeps.. plato.. no way.. aristotle.. lol.. thanks for the read..

@naarya.. gotcha n thanku..

@pankaja.. thanks a lot.. if tht is gonna be the case then we'll have to change it..

Saimanohar said...

I liked ur post..especially that way u conencted the dream with sports

Vishnu said...

thanks a lot sai manohar..