Thursday, October 15, 2009

the long arm of the companies part 1..

Its been long.. i was totally jobless but still didnt find time to write something.. read all ur posts..
neways we all went to city mall as a very much needed outing and to buy formal wear for me as a diwali dress and for my campus placements if any..
a lot of incidents happened but before i mention all those u shd know 1 thing.. it is.. err.. err.. this is going to be the first formal wear i have.. so this purchase was kinda special for me.. wen i say formal i mean full hand shirts(not half sleeve), pants(no jeans n cargos) and belt.. i hav worn a lot of half sleeves.. but not full sleeves.. i hate them.. dresses are abt feeling comfy.. i dont feel comfy in them at all.. some hard to digest facts from the pensieve..
1. I have worn a full hand shirt only thrice in my entire life..
2. I still dont own  a full hand shirt..
3. I have gone out in public with a full hand shirt only once which was for the freshers party 2 years back..
4. The other 2 times i wore them are once in 12th which started my discrimination towards them and the second time was a week back for the GATE online application..

So, we set off.. while one of us went to the ATM, one went on n lighted a cigarette.. huffing and puffing he came back to see we all are set to go.. we saw the bus at a distance.. but he insisted us to go on an auto since he lighted the cigarette jus now.. seeing his pityful condition we all agreed and took an auto.. he sat with the auto driver while we all were at the back chit chatting.. suddenly the auto guy went inside a petrol bunk.. seeing this our hero threw the cigarette right away in an effort not to blow all of us above the ground.. it seemed that he didnt want to touch the lotus feet of god so soon.. we insisted him to throw the cigarette out of the petrol bunk.. so he got down and stamped on it and came back only to witness the auto guy starting the engines again owing to a lot of crowd at the bunk.. a wasted cigarette.. a frustrated friend asked the auto driver the reason.. if u r expecting a responsible citizen in the auto guy.. sorry u r wrong.. this is reality and auto drivers arent brainy..  there was no reply from him.. but he learnt his lesson..

P.S: auto driver peru manickam illango.. avar peru baashavum illango..
P.P.S: if u feel tht the lesson learnt is no smoking.. u r wrong again..


Priya Vinay said...

I have just one question...
Why wear formal for GATE online application?????

Vishnu said...

good question.. it needed a photo to be uploaded.. so might as well thought take 1 with a full hand shirt..

nan said...

Othukrein, enakku puriyala !

soin said...

lol i was going to write about it and u stole..anyways bloddy bastard.. u took four hours to get the whole thing.. even my mom and sis would have selected four sarees in that time..bloddy

vishal jindal said...

thanku vishnu 4 makin it to my senses dat evn i hav to rush for that anticomfy stuff...kk fine m hopin against hope bt who knws..:D

bondgal_rulz said...

Lol!! Autowallahs can be such a pain. :|

And what is that P.S. btw? :O

Srivatsan said...

"maama,enakku oru santhegam"-'kathala kathala'vadivel style la..

passport size photo edukka yean full hand shirt podanum..half hand eh fullah cover aagdiume photola..? :D

Bharathi said...

hey man. Its a nice read. I liked the way u narrated the incident.

buckingfastard said...

OMG!! i kno hw tough it is to buy formal...and dat 2 in a mall...Levi's..Spykar...UMM...keeps screamin to u to come to dem...i tried once..nd returned home wid a cargo t-shirt..nd a levi's 3/4...hehe!!

1 ciggi lost...dyin was better re!!!

☥ ѕωαмι ηανєєη said...

a good cigarette wasted ... poor guy

Vishnu said...

@ nan.. enna puriyala?? if the auto guy had done it purposefully to force my friend to throw his cigarette, it would reflect a much better society and more responsible citizens.. but he didnt do it.. n plus ma frnd got a bulb u know.. lol..

@vishal.. all the best.. its jus pathetic wen pple are forced to wear formals..

@soin.. stole?? free..

@bondgal.. u didnt quite understand the post.. its not abt autowalahs being a pain in the ass.. refer my reply above to nan.. n the PS is a joke.. rajnikanth played the role of an autodriver in his biggest hit tamil movie called baasha.. hope u know who rajni is.. :P..

@ srivatsan.. another good question.. i wanted the photo to show tht am wearin a full hand shirt.. lol.. n plus all my half sleeves were unwashed.. so took roomie's full sleeves..

@ bharathi.. thanks.. hope u got the message??

@buckingfastard.. lol.. distractions are always there.. we tend to study but end up doing sumthin else.. the ciggi loss was sentimental..;)

@swami naveen.. yup.. the cigarette was his concern.. not mine..

Anonymous said...

Translation for this? - "P.S:auto driver peru manickam illango.. avar peru baashavum illango"
P.P.S: lesson learnt is definitely no smoking.. why does he need to smoke? smoking is injurious to his (and everyone else's) life
And auto guys are like that.. can't help it!!

Vishnu said...

@avada.. first of all.. the auto guy didnt smoke.. u misinterpreted it.. my friend was the one who was smoking..
and translation is.. "my name is not manickam.. and my name is not baasha either.."
if u had watched the rajnikanth movie baasha u would understand.. its basically a joke..
refer to my reply to nan and bondgal above..

SG said...

Nice narration. Heard about the bad bahavious of auto drivers in India, especially in Chennai. I do not know which city you live in.

vishal jindal said...

wish u a very happy diwali buddy
May dis festival of light brings peace, happiness and prosperity to u n ur family ...
enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

hey what is the first PS??

priyadharshini said...

How could the auto driver drive easily while the person next to him was smoking.. wont he suffocate? Even under the consideration that the auto driver also is used to smoking, wont he have the temptation to smoke as well & concentrate less on driving?

Anonymous said...

I dint misunderstand :P they were two different comments :))) P.P.S was for your friend who was smoking and the next line was a comment on auto drivers :D
Also understood the P.S joke now :)

Vishnu said...

@sg.. i am a chennaite.. 17 yrs in chennai.. now doing my engineering in raipur..
perhaps even u misinterpreted this post.. its not abt bad auto drivers.. tht incident is a bit of irony..
i said it would have been better if the auto guy had wantedly entered the petrol bunk trying to create a lil awareness in ma frnd.. but tht didnt happen..

Vishnu said...

@ vishal.. happy diwali to u too..

@ rsv.. jus refer to my comment 2 comments before urs.. its basically an inside joke..

@priyadarshini.. well.. being a passive smoker doesnt tempt a regular smoker at all.. if u read all my comments above.. u might get wat am trying to say..

Vishnu said...

@avada.. wokie.. glad u got the joke too..

Shalini said...

I dunno about the comfy thing but guys look really nice in full sleeve shirts!
Add it to your list of 'how to impress a girl'...:P

Vishnu said...

ooohh.. secrets revealed.. the only place u'll be seeing a lot of guys wearing full hand sleeves is for interviews.. so wen u get selected for an interview, will u be sight seeing or concentrating on the interview??

Shalini said...

interview time! that means hell lotta nervousness. Might as well opt for a lil sightseeing to relax!