Wednesday, July 22, 2009


am gonna form one of those SMS fwds rite nw..
a hard rock music fan receives lectures about michael jackson from pple who started listenin to his songs after his death..

its a saturday nite..its been 2 days since mj died.. any news channel u turn on would obviously be showin his life history.. it so happened tht i went to ma cousin's place with ma dad n sis 4 a nite stay..if u r wonderin which cousin dis mite be.. den lemme clear ur doubts.. this is the very cousin who works in sony,who has an ossum sony home theatre n who gifted me the kool oc tee-shirt.. he came from work.. it seems tht hes been listenin to a particular mj dvd which he got recently almost all the tyme.. he turned on the dvd player.. the first song was BAD.. the effects were too gethu.. n nw started the discussion.. 4 each n every song ma dad would tell sumthin abt mj.. ma cousin's mom would say her opinion.. ma cousin would intervene too.. i was silent n tht was the biggest mistake i made.. so they all started pourin their info on me.. as if i didnt know.. the worst part as always was.. many a times they all were tellin the wrong info.. me in dis awkward position remained silent n giggled 2 maself.. thank goodness mj is not alive to hear all dis..

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