Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the hierarchy..

i always felt tht i followed the proper hierarchy wen it comes to music.. many pple i find around me dont tend to like english songs.. it mite be tht they havent tried it out yet or they didnt follow the proper hierarchy.. i call the below to be the genre hierarchy.. this worked 4 me..
blues>pop>rap>soft rock>alternative rock>hard rock>classic rock/grunge>metal>rap metal>death metal

i'll give the examples of bands tht i listened to..
blues- backstreet boys,westlife,n'sync,mltr,boyzone,enrique,ricky martin
rap-eminem,50 cent,akon,2 pac,fort minor, flipsyde
soft rock-bryan adams,3 doors down,coldplay
alternative rock-linkin park,u2,maroon 5,green day,evanescence
hardrock-nickelback,creed,poets of the fall,foo fighters,system of a down
classic rock/grunge-metallica,iron maiden,guns n roses,nirvana,aerosmith,led zeppelin
rap metal-rage against the machine,audioslave
death metal- i maself am discoverin more of dis..
forgive me if i have got the genres wrong...

n i dont seriously understand the pple who start listenin straight away to classic rock n death metal.. u guys shd be nuts..

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