Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A lot can happen over coffee..

no.. dis post is not abt ccd.. so here goes the story.. this tyme in chennai was a bit weird.. all i did was visit ma relatives which is very unusual.. neways.. ma mother's side dis tyme.. dis is an excerpt or rather the interestin part from a very long boring lecture on spiritualism n management studies from one of ma uncles..
its like dis..

every hindu shd have heard dis sloka atleast once n all others too would have heard it.. the sloka is "shuklam bharadharum vishnum shashivarnam shaturbhujam prassana varanam dhyaye sarva vignova shanthahe".. rite nw i came 2 know tht this is from the vishnu sahasranamam.. i heard the most craziest explanation 4 dis sloka.. its history tyme.. long bck.. 1 of ma gr8 gr8 gr8 dunno how many gr8 grand dad had visited one of his relatives' house.. there a woman gave coffee as the usual welcome.. b4 takin the coffee ma gr8 grand dad recited the above sloka n den took the coffee.. the woman being puzzled enquired about the necessity of recitin the sloka nw.. the followin was ma grand dad's reply..

" shuklam means white which is milk
bharadar is brown which represents the coffee powder
vishnu is black which represents chicory
shashivarnam means sweet which represents sugar
on shaturbujam or mixing all these bcum the beautiful coffee..
wen we drink this coffee we get a smile on our face or prassana varanam..
n only after every1 has had their coffee there is peace or sarva vignova shantahe.. shanti means peace.."

i was left speechless.. the very day went to ma mom n the followin conversation happened..

me: mom.. how many times do u recite the vishnu sahasranamam everyday??
mom: not even once.. i recite it on special days only..
me: well.. u would have to be recitin it 5 times a day coz u drink coffee 5 times a day..

it seems tht adults really cant survive without coffee.. n they call us addicts.. addiction to cigarettes n alcohol is atleast acceptable.. but addiction 2 music n movies.. plz.. gimme a break..



well,buddy nice instance ,though what was conveyed was that every sahasranama couple can actually be related to the instances of life... and it was igenious of the fodu who did this....... and of you to enlighten us of him... its more about thinking about the lord during our daily chores and thanking him about it..

VISHNU said...

well.. u dont know the full story.. read ma previous posts..