Saturday, July 25, 2009

research work..

i dont seem to be doin nythin 4 the project which am supposed to be doin this year.. but am continuin ma research on music.. knew aol music is there.. but yesterday only came to know abt aol radio.. they had a great collection of songs.. 2 particular stations- rock blocks n hard rock suited ma style very much.. especially rock blocks.. they featured 3 songs of rock's biggest names.. there was 1 band which i found out yesterday who were good n i havent even heard their name.. the band was shinedown.. i liked thier 3 songs.. then wikied n utubed den.. did a lil research.. worth ma tyme.. it seems tht.. as wiki put it "All of their ten singles released to date have climbed into the Top 5 of the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, making them the first band to accomplish the feat."

but seriously.. still not able to understand death metal.. free..

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