Wednesday, July 22, 2009

chinna chinna aasai..

dis tyme in chennai.. me n hari roamed around chennai in search of a pool/snooker club.. find out tht there were 2 near ma area.. wen we went dere we found out tht they had shut down months ago.. a bit depressed to know tht there r very few pool clubs in chennai.. or shall i say cheap pool clubs.. it seems tht there is 1 in nungambakkam n 1 in arumbakkam.. dunno who the hell plays pool in arumbakkam.. so 1 chinna aasai.. wen i start earnin i would like to start 1 club exclusively 4 pool,snooker,tabletennis n carrom in chennai.. if its successful.. den spread.. hope ma gang would help me on dis..

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