Wednesday, July 22, 2009


here goes ma obituary to mj.. i know its a bit late.. but neways his ceremony was also done a week late.. so no probs i guess.. am not gonna talk the usual.. started listenin to mj way back from 6th std i think.. he n the bsb's were the very first english songs i listened to.. unusually none of the music channels telecasted the video of smooth criminal on the nite he died.. or shd i say i didnt watch the vid of smooth criminal on tht day..thts ma fav song.. if ma memory is rite i think nakul had his mail id as it took me 2 years to know tht the lyrics in smooth criminal were "annie, r u ok?".. at tht tyme used to blabber the lyrics like nythin.. now i feel if i had written the lyrics tht i blabbered.. i would now have ma very own song.. neways.. hes a true legend.. theres no doubt in it.. jus wished it would have been better if he had lived the lyfe of a rip mj..

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