Thursday, June 11, 2009


Even though am a hardcore music lover i dont have any source of music to listen to.. which pushes me to the next obvious thing.. television.. for those who dont know yet.. theres a new news channel 4 all chennaites.. its ndtv-hindu.. those with the dish n tata wont be knowin dis.. the channel seems to be offerin a variety of shows.. one of those was a show named "feedin frenzy".. well it informs u abt all the koolest cheapest costliest eatin joints all around chennai.. they showed a restraurant named "mash" on the besie beach road.. i didnt know abt it.. it was started by a group of engineers who have all flunked in engg.. so they started it since they were vetti.. their menu had some very kool named dishes.. chicken n two smokin eggs(sumthin like this.. the point is tht the name has been copied from lock stock n two smokin barrels), attipattu kaatu etc.. finally they showed some dish.. it goes like this.. the waiter comes with a big bowl of icecream fruits n nuts.. he pours rum over it n lights it.. its all burnin.. man.. u shd have seen it.. it was beeeee.. wait 4 it.. utiful.. shd go to tht place m try it once..

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