Saturday, June 13, 2009

REAlly MADrid...

this is the 3rd place am puttin tht headline after orkut n facebook.. well real madrid faced the most humiliatin defeat at the hands of barca.. n they r jus not sittin quiet.. they already got kaka.. n now ronaldo 4 80m.. the deal is eventually to happen coz.. its a lot of money n plus manu have accepted it.. they r jus tryin to match evry player of barca with theirs.. kaka 4 iniesta.. ronaldo 4 messi.. la liga is surely gonna fire up next season.. this obviously comes to 1 question.. who will tey be playin in midfield.. surely ronaldo, robben on the wings.. the central midfield is jus too crowded.. kaka is sure.. n theres sneijder, higuain, guti, van der vaart,diarra etc.. am pretty confused.. free..

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